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awwwww, so **mn cute!

love puppies, they have that sweet innocent look.

here's to a long long happy life together with little or no grief!


ps. hopefully that is just a stick and not some pc of western furniture! : )

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@Aileen, nice to hear! BRAT, Basenji Rescue And Transport will be having their national conference in Rochester NY this June ... you can meet lots of Basenjis!

I'm sure Arlo is tones of fun especially at 2 yrs of age! My daughters Husky would steal things off counter, still does on certain occasions but he learned risks when I put some mouse traps and sticky tape on the counter. The traps chosen were "weaker" ones and I'd unhook one spring so only one side was loaded.

Of course, a Husky has BIG paws ... so I wasn't greatly concerned and as I tested upon myself, wasn't too worried. Too, can add a few layers of duck tape on the metal to "soften" it even more.

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@Kafka45 , I've used booties on several basenjis over the years. My first used to wear them when we took runs in the winter during very cold snaps.

I love putting them on a dog the first time .. the Lipizzaner effect is great!

I'd put them on her 5-10 min at at time keeping an eye on her (in case she likes to chew on em) with some distraction if needed. She'll get used to them quick enough. You don't even need to do all 4 at once if she really hate em but she'd get accustomed to them more quickly with all 4.

I like the fabric with Denier bases the best, I've seen and used the rubber bootie types and personally, it seemed my dogs didn't care for them as much.

One's I have use a fleece top, Denier base/sole and simple elastic and velcro at top.

Somewhat like link below but simpler ... had them >15 yrs so I don't see any quite the same. Not advocating those on link, just simply saying I myself don't care for the ones that seem to mimic human shoes ... especially if only used for 15 -20 min at a time.

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Darius is very cute .. like others, love the markings.

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