Dudley :-(

I am so sorry for your loss, so sad. He was so young and such a cutie.

Otis is only 10 monts old, and he got hit by a car at 4 months, thanksfully he was Ok, but ever since he has this determination to chase cars or trucks while we are on walks, I will never let him be loose in our front yard again..it is horrible to witness your beloved pet get hurt or pass like that..
So sorry.

So very very sorry for your loss. I lost my first that same way.

So very sorry for your loss of Dudley

My Jaycee will be 11 months old end of this month and I would lose it if a car got her. I am so very sorry about your loss of Dudley but very happy you got that special picture. They are so fast how I wish just sometimes we could stop time for even just a min. Please take care.

Rita Jean

So sorry about your loss of Dudley - it is the saddest thing to lose a buddy.

There are no words… so sorry. God bless.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss. You'll be in my prayers.

I am so sorry for your loss. ((Hugs))

I'm very sorry for your loss.. what a sad story..

That is such a sad tale, I am so sorry for your loss. How fortunate that you grabbed that photo when you did.

Basenji Mix

My goodness, I am so sorry for your lose.

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