Even the felted basenjis are naughty

  • Er, was this you sock?

    No, really it had that hole in it when I found it

    See, I don't have a sock

    So then I go inside and catch another sock thief in progress!

  • CRACK ME UP! lol

  • That is SO funny! LOL!

  • What naughty little felt-Bs! Seriously, love those felted pups. I read about the process, wow, what a lot of work. Yours are great.

  • That was great really cute. 2nd I love those felted pups.

    Rita Jean

  • Don't let that felt fool you. That's funny!

  • Love the felt one! Where did you get a cutie like that from?

  • Thaaaaat's funny!! 😃
    You do beautiful work!

  • Naughty, naughty basenji…too cute! :D:D:D

    Can you remind me, how long does it take you to make one.

  • @renaultf1:

    Naughty, naughty basenji…too cute! :D:D:D

    Can you remind me, how long does it take you to make one.

    I must also ask, how long does it take a B to destroy one? :o

  • Houston

    I love it. Those are beautiful..That is a lot of work..to make them so life like and naughty too..:D
    Do you sell them?

  • I would love to buy one! Too cute!!! Bad B!!!

  • You made this? Way cool!

  • Wow, agilebasenji, I did not realize you actually make those things yourself. They are awesome!

  • I love it, the eyes are realy great and look quite guilty 😃

  • Thanks guys. Yes, I do sell them, but this one is already spoken for and is on her way to her new home.

    I don't even want to know how much time went into this one. She's a bit bigger than I usually do. I think they usually take 10-12 hours, this one, I'm sure, was beyond that. I'd love to do a 1/2 life or full life size.

    I don't know how much time it would take Zest to un-felt one. She doesn't seem too attracted to the felted basenji as much as she likes the "toys" I make for the felted basenjis. She wanted the ball I made for the one before this, and clearly wanted the other sock I felted for this one.

    You can see some more of my "woolies" and other items here:
    One of these days I'm going to put together a website.

  • Well, I want 2 b's when you have them.

  • Houston

    They are lovely, I would like one as well, and a podengo…(?), and a dachshund and a mutt schnauzer/yorkie mix....

  • They all are great and I want one and a monkey. My son has been collecting monkeys all his life stuffed, glass anything monkey last count just stuffed monkeys he had 125.
    I am in no hurry just when ever let me know how much please. Thank you great job.

    Rita Jean

  • Here's the info in the classified section

    Prices for a 5-7" woolie is $100 ballpark. (although the woolie may grow a little larger unless you specify, they do some things on their own.) I can match markings (if I have a few pictures) and they do make a nice memorial piece. I've included some real dog hair on the memorial piece I did a while back, but this is harder to do with a basenji.

    A monkey - hmmmm, sounds like a fun challenge. What kind of monkey? I've been wanting to do a human-ish type creature. Was thinking fairy or dwarf, but monkey may qualify.

    For more info, you can email me at the email listed in the bottom of the post linked above. (I don't think our forum owners like personal email here?) Just put woolie or basenji in the subject. Otherwise I'm the only Kim McNeill in Colorado in the BCOA membership.

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