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@giza1 he absolutely hates it

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Hello I have a wonderful dog who we rescued. His name is moose. I have been trying to figure out what he is and thought I would ask y’all. He is on the larger side at 46lb and to the tips of his ears is 24 inches. He loves to run and chase and sometimes can get quite mouthy. He is quite vocal and will whine and yowle when being played with. He will eat anything he can get his mouth on no matter if it’s food or not. He loves people and most other dogs and constantly wants your attention. He is also wicked smart and very quick to pick up on training but doesn’t always want to listen to what you tell him to do.
Here are some photos. I would love to hear what y’all think!!11_1598557466655_28B291C1-59D8-4451-9063-F886AF36129F.jpeg 10_1598557466655_B6C156B4-D087-47DA-BD0A-8E67DA105F8A.jpeg 9_1598557466655_EBB6D053-55F4-4394-95E8-F66954FFFC0F.jpeg 8_1598557466655_D8926BCD-2197-452A-8B21-9EAD18C407C7.jpeg 7_1598557466655_92905449-BD68-4BF5-9537-1583DC4095C3.jpeg 6_1598557466655_BAE9379C-5FE2-4DD9-BB51-62F1412718C2.jpeg 5_1598557466655_69F2B313-195E-4B28-B7D6-5047BDCCCAF0.jpeg 4_1598557466655_A1229042-F8A3-4EC9-B396-6C1FECC53519.jpeg 3_1598557466655_5E516D47-8CB7-4F3D-805E-D8A92BA26E90.jpeg 2_1598557466655_D76D9B5D-A111-4F93-9AC6-72A5F26B27D3.jpeg 1_1598557466655_5D7455C0-AB70-4F35-AC38-88591A03D033.jpeg 0_1598557466654_3DC2CAC8-6090-4D64-99AE-A66B6C3AEAB6.jpeg

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