Dude the Basenji - Summer Fun and Naughtiness

  • Hmmm Dude, toilet paper, my favorite! Great looking B.

  • Great pictures…

    The first one... WOW 😃

  • Way to go Dude looks like fun. Nice picture.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Great pictures, only two pulled up for me though. Of course the TP one is a favorite, but I also like the starfish one. What did Dude think about the starfish? We just went on Vacation a few weeks ago to the beach and all our dogs got to smell, lick and even eat fresh seafood from the ocean..they would't though..LOL. Otis looked at me like.."what are you thinking?" "that is discusting". Funny. At one point he swallowed a live shrimp and you could've thought he ate poison, his face was priceless..

  • Great pics, i love the starfish one 🙂

  • There should be 7 pictures there, is anyone else having difficulties viewing? I tried a new method of uploading.

    Dude loves the coast, and all the critters that come along with it. We have a boat and went crabbing while we were there, we brought about a dozen dungeness crabs back to our campsite at the beach and boy he figured out right away that he was no match for those crabby things with claws!

    Here is a funny shot we got of him playing around on the beach

  • I had three I could see in first one and I cannot see any pictures on this new post.

    Rita Jean

  • Hi,
    i can see 3 in your first post and none in your next?

  • Houston

    me neither..on the last post.

  • OK, should be fixed now!

  • Houston

    Yes, they look great..I love their golden color.

  • Great pics. Dude's a handsome man. Does he swim, and who's the little one he's with in 2 pics??

  • Pictures are great and Dude is very very handsome. I love the little one it has winkles Jaycee has those. I second who is the little one? Thank you for sharing.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank you! I think I call him 'handsome man' more often than his actual name 🙂

    Dude is 8 months and the little one Chrissy is 4 months. My breeder wanted her to spend some time with us and get to know our cats while she is still little. It is so much fun having the two of them, and so quiet when she goes home. Rent-a-puppy is helping calm my budding puppy fever!!!
    I am lucky in that my breeder lives just a few miles down the road and Dude gets to go visit and socialize every few weeks.

    Dude enjoys swimming in the lakes and rivers, he likes to swim after the ducks and with other dogs. He has no interest in getting into the ocean so far, but I don't blame hime, the Oregon coast is COLD!!!

  • I can see 'em all and if this fella ain't some kind of film star in the next 12 months, I'll eat my hat!

    Or i'll get some freindly Basenji to eat it anyway, but it's the thought that counts!

    Lovely pics,


  • Can see all the pics now. What a good idea to let the younger Basenji spend time getting used to your cats. Trouble is if it were me i dont think i'd want to give her back 😃

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