• Houston

    ..and boy has he already melted our hearts of what. The kids love him..he is extremely playful and loves kisses, right up my kids alley.

    We have decided to name him Moses Austin, the first man to obtain permission for Anglo Americans to settle in Spanish Texas, back in 1820, he is known as the Father of Texas, we thought that was very fitting..

    He is doing very well, considering he flew for the first time today, I know I was a wreak the first time I flew, then again I hate flying, with a passion.
    We have introduced him to the pack and it went very well, outside…inside we had a few snarks from Otis...

    Sofia, my daughter has already introduced him to the lure teaser we have made for Otis, and he seems to love it, chasing the kids, with three big steps, because he is so fast..kids are loving it none the less..

    The chickens made him bark and it was so funny, because his bark is very deep, Otis just about went #2 on himself and came running in with his tail bone straight..sissy.

    Now Otis is outside with his favorite pastime, guarding the yard from squirrels..

    I hope Otis will fall in love with his BIG little brother, I just know they would have so much fun together..
    Now we are complete..

  • God - pictures already 🙂 - looks like he has a great family - I am so pleased. He has been to straightline and lure coursing just to tease a little and we have played with the bunny tail here as well - seems quite interested.

    Thank you for welcoming him.

  • He looks nice Diana growing into a handsome boy. He has really grown since I seen them.

    Rita Jean

  • He looks like he's right at home.
    And I love the name Moses - perfect!

  • WOW Petra, Moses is a beautiful dog! And he's got a great temperament too. Interesting looking dog, kinda like a cross between an Ibizan hound and a Basenji. He should be good for Otis. Are you still going to foster?

  • "Now we are complete" she says…..Can I insert a snicker here? 😃

    He's a lovely boy. I think Otis will get over himself soon and have lots of fun with him. And, yes, Moses is a perfect name.

  • Welcome to the forum Moses!!!

    What a handsome boy! Love the name as well! Can't wait to see him grow up! Post lots of pics please 😃

  • Houston

    Thanks all, so far so good. Otis is standing his "this is my pack and I am the leader" ground, but he is mellowing down. Moses was really good last night, lapdogging it, which is funny, because he is quite large..so adroable though..

    Now, since I have tasted the name Moses for a while, I love it, it fits him..and I like the history behind it.

    Yes, trust me we will have pictures…

  • Houston

    Double post..it is early, sorry..

  • Moses is a big beautiful boy! I'm sure Otis will get accustomed to having him around soon. The fun of having another dog in the pack soon overcomes the fear of displacement!

  • Ooooh he looks so sweet. Love his huge ears :D:p.

  • Moses is a great name, i love the pics of him playing with Sofia and the lure teaser, we have a smaller version for our cats 😃
    What an exciting time for you all!

  • Does he bark very much?

  • Houston

    Sharron, so far no, and he has a lot of barking going on around him with our two yappy dogs..He only barks once or twice, very deep and startling however.

  • I bet he will do great at lure coursing. Are you going to give him a try?

  • Houston

    Yes, I hope to do it, for sure..He is already very interested in our teaser, not something Otis is..

  • Moses is beautiful! Your daughter looks so pleased.

    Otis is handsome fella, too.

  • I really have to come more often to this forum, but time is not really on my side lately 😉

    welcome Moses, you are a beautiful boy! and I hope you will be a great addition to the family !! and maybe Moses gets Otis interested in coursing !

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