• First Basenji's

    Seems like whether it's a house or a vehicle, windows make b's happy.

  • I bet he gets some attention from people 😃

  • That's great! I'm glad you've got someone to keep you company on the road. 🙂

  • Houston

    He looks very happy and pleased with his window seat..so cool..
    how many comments do you get on your cool dog??

  • First Basenji's

    Sun shine on my shoulders make me happy…my B's soak it up everyday the sun is out!

  • Anywhere sunny = happy basenji.
    AJs Human - AJ looked really happy up there but he didn't seem to want to show his face 🙂
    I bet he gets lots of doubletakes by other truckers.

  • Great place for AJ to get the sun! Shaye likes it up in the back window of our car - they do love the sunny places! He is a beauty - and a great conversation piece for those long lonely drives! My son is an OTR driver - he has no company, but I've suggested a dog - so far no go.

  • There is a forum member (not too active) that we knew when she lived in Tampa (now in S. Dakota) who took her basenji on the road, then she and Fred added another basenji! Two humans and two basenjis in a big rig, they did that for at least a year before they got off the road and had a great time.

  • Awe those are great pics

  • Yes, I do get quite a few comments about him. He's a striking dog in a truck stop. He's cleaner than most other dogs I see out here. Heck, he's cleaner than most of the truck drivers!

    Had a driver watch him on a walk one time, said, "That dog looks like a dog show dog. He even walks fancy!"

    I had never considered his gait as "fancy" before, but, okay…

    When he lays up in the window like that, lots of people walk past, point him out to each other and smile. He's a great Basenji ambassador.

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