• But if I want to sleep in it, you have to leave…
    Story of James....

    1. The first story picture is missing but think you see Chafuko sleeping in a nice warm bed on the couch, dreaming about his dates.....

    2. Second stroy picture is also missing but James thinks he want to sleep in it... so he jumps on top of Chafuko

    3. James tells Chafuko to leave his bed....

    4. Chafuko: SIGH….. and he leaves the bed

    5. As a real winner, James makes an extra round

    6. My bed….. :rolleyes:

    7. Chafuko want to sleep on the couch and stay next to James

    8. O NO ERROR ALARM, James thinks to bo very funny and want the warm and living bed….

    9. King of all animals, Sir James, Bacari Ashquindi

    10. Chafuko is loosing and called for HELPPPP

    This was the little story of James…. King of the Spranky

  • That made me giggle. We can see who is boss in that relationship. But how sweet that James is willing to give Chafuko a love lick and some space on the couch with him. "I want you off my bed, but not off the couch!"

  • Funny story - yes, cats usually wind up ruling where even Basenjis reside. Your last photo is beautiful - James is very kingly indeed.

  • James has twisted Chafuko round his little paws I see!

  • Houston

    too cute. I love how they interact..

  • Cute photos, James is a lovely cat!

  • What a beautiful cat! It's so lovely to see him and Chaf together 🙂

  • Thanks all, he is very playful and likes it to get a hug… 🙂
    Still a bit weird because we never had a cat that likes to get such physical attention..
    Spaiky is now 6 years and al these years I trained him to accept me, he accepts me to hug him, he likes it and even brush his teeth.. but if someone else want to pet him... He won't accept that.
    James is really a totally different animal and the great thing is: spaik loves him!!!!

  • The Basenji as cat bed is priceless.

  • Great pics, your cat's markings are amazing!

  • I loved our Bengal fosters. If Rally had been more accepting of them they would have stayed. They are an awesome breed of cat and definately a good match with the basenjis if you can keep up with their combined antics.

  • I aagree Ivoss, it's a great combination!

    They really share the same caracter and it's very great to see how they are playing, living together!

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