Not snow

I just went to let my pups out and it is spitting a litle of snow. Needless to say I have to B's that where not happy. My female stood out there with her ears back and looking up as if that might make it stop. The young male was like not going out and you cant make me. Well he has suprised when he ws put out:eek:. they where ready to come back in right a way. looks like have to get warmer coats out soon.:)

They just hate the cold weather don't they

We had a nice coating of snow on the grass this morning. Also, a bit iced over on the pavement. Kananga was expecting his usual "grip" on the ground. I myself even was caught off guard. :o

Sounds like you got more than we did. It just flurried a little this morning. It was pretty windy though, which my dogs don't like too much, particularly if it's cold.

We got some flurries too this morning. What part of WI are you in KitKat? Tosca doesn't mind the snow too much, but I am not looking forward to walking later in cold, windy weather!

We had no snow but it was cold enough were a lot of white roofs with frost. It will be snow next how ugly.

Rita Jean


..and we are so happy down here in Houston,…we have 62 degrees high today...yippee..the heat is outta here..

Not funny Basenjimamma we will wish rain on you. I told my husband the other day lets move were it's warm.

Rita Jean


no, no rain, we have had so much rain the last week or so..I am sick of it..

How did Jaycee's and Eli's debut go? I hope it went well.

Well one nice thing and the only one about cold. I always like the first time or two when we have the fireplace so warm and nice love to watch the fire. Then after a time or two that is enough of that.

Rita Jean

We've been spoiled here in the SF Bay Area. Mild temps but this Monday-Wednesday part of a tropical storm is rolling through to pound us with 1-3". Today I had to clean the garage, make it dog safe and bring in Buddy's dog house. He's not gonna like that rain.

I'm around the madison area. how about you.

Re: Snow my basenjis hated it - the podengos were amused.

I don't think Nemo is looking forward to this again. I'm not either. We might have accumulating snow this week.


Those are not happy ears, are they? Poor Nemo.

My 2 b's like the snow much more than the rain…they will go out and play, come in and cry cause their feet hurt, and then go out again..
Rain, nope, no playing in that WET!

our female basenji loves the snow…wnen we get it.
she runs around until she gets cold,then comes in and gets warm and wants to go back out. the male just looks at her likes she crazy!!!!!

thats about how it goes at are house. as long as they can keep the door open to go in and out as they like. Still haven't goten them to under stand about money going out the door that way.:) We do that alot during the summer. They like to race and chace each other that way.

We have a doggie door, and they just fly through that!


We have a doggie door, and they just fly through that!

Exactly… cures the open doors heat/cold problems.....

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