• It is finally winter in Oklahoma… woke up to a balmy 65 degrees wendsday morning and by 5 it was in the 20's..Thunderstorms and lightning.. then here comes the sleet...It is Thursday we have snow :eek: It doesnt do this here ... Cant keep Sandie in the house she loves the snow... She has ran the B500... ate snow and skidded all over the back yard... Seems the colder it gets the more active she becomes...can some one please tell me where to get a chill pill on here ???

  • Ooooh! I'm so envious! Please send it our way! We must have traded weather for a few days - here in VT we are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures (close to 70 degrees) and absolutely no snow! Nala has such fun in the snow and we all can't wait to get out in it!
    I'm sure she'll settle down when the temps return to normal! In my experience, most dogs get frisky with the wind and snow!

  • @nala121498:

    In my experience, most dogs get frisky with the wind and snow!

    Good observation Nala. It is very windy and cold right now. Flurrys are flying and Duke was just outside skipping about with a frisby. He ran back and forth flipping a frisby having a great time. He wanted me to give it a toss, but it is too windy to give it a good whirling toss. So off he went again. He's very frisky. Though snow is pretty, I'm not crazy for it, but I have to say I can't wait to have enough to see Duke play in it. 🙂

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