Chance's First Experience With Snow

  • Let me first start off by saying Chance + Snow = ROLMAO 😃
    He hates snow. Our poor little guy stayed in his turtle neck dog sweater all the time. If you would take it off he would go right back to it and want you to put it back on him. :o
    Normally in sunny Ca, Chance will run to the door all the time wanting to go out. In cold Lake Tahoe our little guy did not want to go out. He perfers to potty on trees but there but the snow was piled high next to the tree. When he would climb up the snow, he sank in and would squirm out so quick and try to run back to the front door. ( I have to laugh. It was a sight to see)
    While driving home, we pulled over at one of those look out points and I held him. One guy commented "thats an interesting Terrier you have there" Ha!
    "Terrier I replied??? No he's a basenji…an African dog" then the guy replied "no wonder he is cold" :rolleyes:

  • Isn't that funny… when Ann took Crystal to Tahoe, she loved playing in the snow.... then after sleeping by the warm wood stove...

  • I can't believe that some B's love the snow and others freak out. Hahaha

  • Here is a picture of Crystal from Tahoe in the snow… she played for over an hour... and was particularly interesting in the "birds"...

  • My b's love the snow, and hate the rain…course the sun is HEAVEN to them..

  • Vanessa,
    What did you to do Chance?? He loved the snow as a little baby!! He's become a California Sun Bunny!!
    Look back at Chance at 7 weeks old 🙂

    No snow here in Portland, but there is over a foot of snow at my Mom's house… though there was only a bout 6" when I left yesterday afternoon...

    Chance's new cousins were born later this year, so they will probably miss the first snow of the year 😞

  • Like Sharron, our's love the snow but hate rain and wet. I don't get it.😕

    They just look even more barootiful against the white snow.;)

  • Our Sally Loves it. She runs around like a chicken with her head cut off. It really is cute! She even rides the snow-mobile, or sled with the boys.

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