• Sunny had his first experience with the properties of snow today!
    I opened the back door, and as usual, Ben & Sunny exploded onto Level 1 of the back deck with their usual "NO PRISONERS!" enthusiasm. They ignored the stairs and sailed off the top of the hot tub. Ben landed nimbly on deck Level 2 with the finesse of a figure skater. Sunny, not so much. He crash landed in a tangle of coltish legs, slithered 5 feet on his butt and took out Ben (oof!) Whereupon both dogs slid off the lower deck in slow motion, disappearing from site into a snowbank. Winter 1, Sunny 0.

  • Kamar also experienced his first snow today. He was very busy chasing snow flakes, and didn't want to get back inside, as the matter of fact, he got out of his collar on our morning walk. :o

  • I love to see Basenjis playing in snow. They're just like small children!

  • LOL, we never get enough snow here to be more than a nuisance. With Cara's utter hatred of wet feet, she doesn't care for it but it didn't bother her. I'd love to see her in REAL snow. You need pictures, please.

  • I'm really hoping for snow here this year. Last year we did have some, and Kipawa was very excited about it. 🙂 Besides, there is something so special about snow around Christmas.

  • Please post pics. Love to see Bs enjoying the snow!

    We had some snow last year. Having spent almost all of his life in sunny Southern California, Spencer was not impressed. Not one little bit!

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