• Well Malaika has been with us just over a week now.
    She's a fantastic Basenji Pup 😃
    Have to say though that i think initialy it's harder than having a new baby, at least a human baby stays where you put it 😉
    She's settled realy well, is sleeping , eating and playing well. She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom at night and has a larger crate in the living room. She has discovered that she much prefers to cuddle on our knees to sleep, it's realy lovely as we want an affectionate Dog.However we do have to remind ourselves to put her in her crate as i know it is so useful. when she is awake she requires watching like a Hawk, particularly as we have two Cats.
    One the first day home she was quite wary and respectful, however she was getting a bit rough so i'm afraid we have had to introduce a spray bottle. It is working well and she now thinks the Cats can spray water.
    We are working on teaching her , her name, and to come and to sit, fortunately she loves food.
    Looking into Puppy classes for her, next week she has her second vaccination, then it's two weeks before she can go out walking.
    To tire her we have play times and one of her favourite toys is a Cat lure toy, she loves to chase it.

  • It sounds like things are going wonderfully. How has potty training been going for you. How many times are you taking her out every day? I've heard it can be around 12 times a day.

  • She's doing realy well for potty training, saying that we've just had to mop up a puddle.
    We take her out approximately every 3/4 hour, after eating, after waking etc.
    She usualy performs each time we take her out and will often approach the door to be let out. She has only actualy soiled once in the house and that was the first day we brought her home.

  • It sounds like you are having a superb time with the young one! I love puppies as most of us do, but they are hard work! Enjoy it though, she will be grown up before you know it.


  • You sound like you are off to a successful potty training period. I'm dong tons of reading, and it seems basenjis are naturally prone to being very tidy with their bathroom habits.

  • Houston

    Lovely, so good to hear that things are going well with the new baby..

  • What great news - she is obviously settling well. Although Basenjis have often been house trained before leaving the breeder they do sometimes regress in a new home and I'm sure you'll find Malaika very clean.

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