• Hi all,

    I have found this forum very helpful over the past few months and now have a question. I have (I think) a Basenji/Malamute or Husky mix (based on shelter, vet and anecdote). He is about 1 1/2 years old, 55 pounds, was a rescue dog from Tenn., and i have had him for 6 months. He lives indoors now on Cape Cod; is well-loved and fed; sleeps on my bed; gets along with my Burmese cat and other people of all ages; loves the dog park – complete with dogs of all hues -- and long walks; hates being left alone; and is an absolutely wonderful and wonderfully intelligent companion. But...

    We had our first snowfall a few weeks ago. A couple of feet and dog (Dillon) adored it and spent time burrowing and plowing and romping. So, we kept going out and for our walks, blah blah. It snowed again a few days ago, and we did our stuff. But today was a bit warmer, the snow a bit less frozen and even though he has basically spent the last six months glued to my side, appears to want to be outside rather than inside.

    We live in a relatively rural area, with loads of conservation land and reasonably safe roaming from traffic (although not necessarily coyotes).

    Am I doing him a disservice making him come in and warm up? Is there something I should know about cold weather and him (I know that is an unanswerable question since you don't know him). Is it a sign that he is growing up and becoming more secure? Or, does he just adore cold and snow? (He abhors rain).

    Any ideas would be very welcomed. Thanks.

  • Well, since you are on a forum for Basenjis.. I think it would be hard for us to relate a Huskie mix to a Basenji and the weather. However, that said, even an area with one or two cars is all that is needed to take out a dog of any breed… so if you don't have a secure yard or a fence, then he/she needs to be on lead if outdoors... and a Huskie would prefer to outdoors to indoors... or so I have been told.

  • Huskie does love the snow and will stay in it for hours but hate rain. You cannot I say cannot trust a Huskie without secure yard and they are as good or bad what ever you would like to say as a Basenji about getting out of the yard be extra careful. Huskies are very much a free sprit love to run and not only in there yard.

    Rita Jean

  • Huskies pretty much dominate here at our dogpark. Also as a breed here in Norway, I guess because of our climate they are a good dog to have. One guy at the park had 6 of them.

    He said they were outside pretty much 99% of the time. Huskies LOVE the outdoors. Rain shouldn't really bother them. Never really heard of one actually hating the rain.

    Going inside periodically to warm up is unnecessary. They are built for the outdoors (most dogs are), and huskies generate a lot of heat when active. So let him run around and have his fun outside.

  • I'd leave him out for as long as he wants to be out in the snow - but not without a fence yard. As Tanza said, it only takes one car – or one annoyed neighbor -- to take him out, and he won't be adverse to taking on coyotes, so why risk it?

    Most people seemed to have huskies or malamutes when I grew up in Alaska and they were seldom indoors. They'd even curl up and go to sleep in the snow, while it was snowing, and remain under a blanket of the stuff!

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