• I just noticed two things today, so I felt I'd share and see how just plain weird Medjai is.

    When in bed, around night time, If I'm in bed sleeping and Medjai wants to curl up next to me, he scouts his spot, and instead of sitting down slowly like normal, he just about faints and falls.

    The other one, I just noticed. I rearranged my room and now his crate is close to my bed. Medjai likes to crawl under my bed, and just decided he wanted some toys from his crate, so while under my bed, Medjai tried to go through the bed skirt and through the crate to grab his toys. I just found it funny that he wouldn't stop trying until I told him no.

  • My first female used to 'fall down' like that. It looked like she just picked up all her feet, and down she went, but very gracefully.


  • Boys are noted for the "circle" 100 times and then they come crashing down and are asleep in a second… LOL... my only problem when OJ does this is the night he winds up wrapped in the entire blanket and the rest of us have none!

  • lol rocky does the circling.. mia digs into whatever is where she wants to lay.. whether that be a blanket.. or your face… hahaha

  • Jazzy usually just lies down, although will occasionally dig a bit. Keoki circles. In fact, over the months with his crate/sleep problems I learned that, once he started circling before laying down, I could safely leave the room and go to bed because that meant he was settled in. If he just lays right down, I know I'm in trouble and he'll leap up and start being naughty as soon as I walk out the door.

  • But honestly, I think most, if not all, Basenji behavior is somewhat "random" LOL

  • @JazzysMom:

    But honestly, I think most, if not all, Basenji behavior is somewhat "random" LOL

    You are SO right 😉

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