• My B does the same thing…When I am doing something I try to remember to look behind me before I move at all as Jojo is usually right there...if I step out of the room to go get something and plan on returning to the room where she is, she still will get up and follow me...what a wonderful breed...I love my little B girl...

  • Zuri is always between my legs somewhere when I am walking. I think she will be really good at the agility part where they weave through the posts! Do you think it's a sign??

  • Jazzysmom, I know what you mean about B's and computers. Abbey loves to play computer. She really gets into scrolling, trying to lick the arrow, and googling images of cats and cows and silly stuff. Most dogs guard the bathroom door because they really believe that Mom has a secret escape hatch through which she will disappear and never be seen again. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  • Alani too follows me everywhere I go. I used to think it was cute but when you're trying to clean house it gets very aggrevating. But I love her to death and would hate if one day she just stopped doing it. It reminds me of how much she loves me and wants to know what mommy's doing.

  • My dogs follow me so close that if I stop or even slow down they walk right into my legs. I wouldn't be concerned. It's just one more way they show their love for you. 😃

  • I can't even go to the bathroom in peace anymore. I should have called Kaycee, Shadow, cause that's exactly what she is.
    Except when it,s cold and she's laying in front of the heater.
    Nothing and I mean nothing gets in the way of her wanting to snuggle up and be warm.

  • EL D doesn't always follow me around but he keeps an eye on me and he loves to help me on the computer :rolleyes:

  • @BaMica:

    So my little Mica follows me everywhere. Is this true of other basenji owners? She may be sleeping but if I move from one place to another in the condo, she wakes up and finds a place to curl up and sleep - stationed near me. She is my real buddy. She even asks (or demands) belly rubs and other such matters concerning her welfare. What a wonder of such intelligent animal behavior. This wonderful little basenji. Never have I encountered such an animal as this before. And she talks to me - I just have to listen - so carefully. She doesn't speak english on such matters, but she talks and she is quite demonstrative. You just have to listen, carefully. She really has so many interests in the things around her. I have to watch her, too. She is so quick to adapt and figure things out too, in the world she lives. But SHE makes decisions. And what a discussion. She gives so much. It is unbounded. Such joyful fun, this little basenji. who has decided to own me
    (and she goes "umph" too!).:D

    BaMicas mom.

    Sometimes I realize I crave more time with my dogs than most other humans. It makes me wonder if I'm just crazy & anti-social, but I'm glad you posted it. It reminds why I'd rather spend time with them than boring, mindless, and mean people. They have none of the negative traits that humans can have 😉 I'll clean up all the shredded paper in the world from now until the day I die if it means I have bs as best friends.

  • My little girl is very much the same - and quite unlike my first B girl, goes to show they are all extremely unique! Lyly follows me through out the house, is very verbal about her world…she wants to experience things with me. She wants ME to be excited about the cricket she just caught or about a freshly laundered sock discovered. Which I find extremely endearing, I love how she wants me to be involved in her existence like a member of the pack.


    Most dogs guard the bathroom door because they really believe that Mom has a secret escape hatch through which she will disappear and never be seen again. Sounds like a good idea to me!

    heheh - ohh yeah! Lycia wails if I should the bathroom door (god forbid) it's so bad sometimes I forget when I have company over.. and there is that awkward dash-waddle to close the door when you hear your friend coming down the hall.


  • We generally prefer the company of our basenjis to humans! We do enjoy our dog park friends that we see every evening, and the "Sunday basenji group" that also meets weekly, love all the dogs and humans in that group. But I have to pry my husband out of the house to visit "regular" friends, he would much rather stay home with the kids…and truth be told, so would I!

    Anne in Tampa

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