• Here in PA we are getting hit with snow!!! I know some of you are probably used to alot more snow then we are getting now. But being a California girl, even after all these years it still kills me. AND this is my first real winter with Zoey. I'm afraid if I put her outside she will just sink down and be lost. Beside the fact that when I opened the door earlier she looked at me as if to say " REALLY! you want me to go out there? Think again!" As she turned and ran for her spot in front of the Heater. Even Lizzy the Lab did what she had to do and came right back. Sigh heres to a white Christmas. Not that it isn't pretty i'm just glad i'm on the inside looking out. At least until Zoe cant hold it any longer.

  • It's crazy how much snow you're going to get! We got about 16 inches dumped on us in one day last week, which is pretty unusual even for Wisconsin. Trust me, Zoey will survive. 🙂 They just have to be "encouraged" a little to go out in the snow at first. They handle it much better than rain and they will walk out in it usually without much issue. And yes they sink a little, but they are good little hoppers. 😉 If you have a yard, if you can clear a path for them it helps a lot, even though mine have decided they do not like the path I chose for them and now have created their own. :rolleyes: Only problems usually that I have are when they get ice between their toes and they they SCREAM bloody murder! But that doesn't happen too often.

  • Mine will play in the snow for short periods of time. But they do handle the snow much better than rain.

  • I think Zoe will end up loving the snow! If she hasn't seen it before it is probably a big surprise to her. My 3 all love the snow. They'll run around until they are cold and then come in to lie by the fire. When I brought Liyah home last winter it was one of the snowiest winters we had in years. She loved being out in it and I always had to go back out to get her because the adults would ask to go in long before Liyah. I wasn't sure if she'd feel the same about snow this year, but she does luckily. Ruby usually goes back off the steps to try to hurry her back in, but Liyah doesn't always do what Granny wants her to do. For some reason she doesn't mind the cold at all - I have to get chicken to get her to come back in many times.

  • Jaycee was in her first real snow just couple inches last week but she loved it played and roll had a blast.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    We had snow too, a few inches two weeks ago, Otis kept on staring up in the sky, trying to figure out what it was, I guess, it never stayed on the ground in our neighborhood, further in town and south the had enough to make life sized snowmen..my kids were mighty pi–-d, they were so wanting to go out and make snowmen too...

  • My two HATE the snow. I don't think Lexi's pooped in 2 days! We've cleared a path for them, but they still try to go "off the path"– and then they sink in and come back. Ugh!!

  • I thought mine was the only basenji who wont "go" in the snow! We just walked 3 miles in 16 inches of snow before he found a spot that seemed suitable for his business….going to be a long winter! :p

  • Posting some pics of Snowy Preston , sorry cant manage a snowy pic with a Basenji, the best i can do is a borrowed Papillon :D. We are looking after my parents Dog, Reuben and he loved the snow. I threw a snowball for him and it was so funny watching him trying to pick it up 😃

  • Preston is a doll just cute little face. Love the snowman looks like he ate one to many of those snow balls cupcakes. LOL..

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks Rita Jean, the Papillon is actualy called Reuben, Preston is where we live 😃
    My isn't very clear. The snowman was made this morning by a neighbour, if you look closely he is holding a bottle of wine to keep out the winter chill 😃

  • Loving the snowy pictures!

    No snow here, we had about 5 mins of snow on friday but it didnt settle… We have had a very hard frost for several days though, so Maya will not go out of the house without at least one thick coat on! Even to pee...

  • I did not notice bottle that is really neat nice snowman for sure.

    Rita Jean

  • So all you guys were right now that zoey has had time to investigate it she is enjoying the snow. Too much! even though she is shivering with cold I have to force her in the house. Its funny watching her she will catch sight of the shifting snow as she walks stops to sniff it which sends out more flakes so she shoves her face in the snow which causes more snow to move then she pounces that. Even though she now seems to love it I still hate the cold missing california right about now.

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