Behavior starting to change??

  • hello- I have had D for over a year (he is about 3 and an only child) and recently he seems to have so much more energy! nothing has changed in his life here, still goes for the same amount of walks, has toys and chews, ect. but recently he wants to play with us, which he never has before. i used to get down on the ground and he would look at me like i was crazy, now he chases me around and such. he has started chewing things he shouldnt like boots and gloves. and he gets really hyper out of nowhere. anyone have any ideas on the sudden changes to him?? and not that these are bad things, i like him playing more, just interested why!

  • He seems to be going through a faze and it would be good for you to take him to a gentle obedience class.
    It helps remind him your the boss and helps him work out "issues" dog seem to have at that age.
    Also, the more exercise you can give him the better. He might need more right now…
    Where did you get your boy from???

  • I agree- more exercise!! My dog didn't really 'settle down' until about 5 years old. Now she just goes into spurts every once in a while.

  • He probably feels more comfortable and happy with your family and just let his real self show.
    It took one of my dog ,I got at 10 month old, at least 2 years to start playing.

  • A tired Basenji is a happy owner

  • thanks for the advice everyone, i will start exercising him more and see how that goes.. sharronhurlbut- i got him from a local rescue org..

  • I find a lot of times it's not just physical stimulation, but mental stimulation they need.

    They are thinking dogs and need challenges/exploring & training to keep them happy.

  • Basenjis seem to love Rally!
    Its quicker than agility, and seems like lots of fun for everyone.
    See if you can find a beginning Rally class.
    if nothing else, you will have a fun time…and learn to laugh at YOURSELF!

  • What is Rally? Link??

  • Here are some links to the two organizations that do Rally Obedience.

    Rally is a fun obedience sport and a nice way of continuing obedience education.

    I am not sure what was exactly meant by the comment that Rally is faster than Agility. I do both and my dogs really like agility, they cry for their turn on the on the course in class. A good beginners class or some places have a "for fun" class can also be a good way to get your dog some physical activity and mental stimulation.

  • I just watched my first Rally-and I was totally amazed! Shadow could really do this! I just haven't figured out yet if these matches are titled or not? Lisa, could you tell me?

  • Yes, Rally is a titling event. I am not quite sure how it works in Canada though my Agility instructor says it looks like a lot of fun because they use some of the agility obstacles in their Rally courses.

    In both AKC and APDT you can earn titles. You need to complete 3 trials with a qualifying score to earn a title. Nicky earned his AKC Rally Novice, RN, after 4 trials back on April 1, 2006. We don't really have any APDT trials around here but I hope to get a chance to try their trials soon.

  • We do have agility interspersed throughout from (I believe) advanced and beyond. I'll be putting the Boxenji in and Shadow. They could both easily (I believe) pass the Novice A course. And we also have to complete 3 legs to move on.

  • My hope is to live long enought to retire, then do rally with my 2 b's.
    It would be good for all of us.

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