• Maybe this is not strange behavior, but I have never had any other dog do this. I have noticed that every time Cali gets a dental bone, meaty bone, pig snout, etc. she takes a couple of bites and then brings it to me. She plops in down on my lap or in front of my feet or if I am laying down she brings it close to my mouth. Its as if she wants me to take a bite. I pretend like I am taking a bite and then I give it back to her and she takes a couple of bites and brings it back to me. I am not complaining because I think this is very sweet. When she has chewed as much as she wants she proceeds to hide it somewhere in the house. Do any of your B's do this? Cali is only half Basenji and the other half is some sort of Terrier. She does not do this with her dog food, just her bones. I no longer give her rawhide because she throws up afterwards. She loves pig snouts so I am really surprised that she would even consider sharing. Maybe she is trying to tell me something else:) Or maybe she is trying to be nice to make up for all of the times that she has made me want to pull my hair out:D Any thoughts on this behavior?

  • Oh what a sweet!! I've never seen any of my Bs do this…although maybe they need to spend some time with Cali 😃

    They do like to bury their rawhides or pig snouts in the couch LOL 🙂

  • No. Your dog is an exceptional sweety.

    My only B that can have rawhides will act like he's going to tear your arm off when you take it away.


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