• Normally when EL D joins me in bed he has one side to himself and tends to "butt-up" against my legs. The other night I went to bed a little early with a good book. But instead of laying out I sat cross-legged under the covers (can't really say why). EL D comes in and does his routine, which is to go around to the side farthest from his side, jump over me, and snuggle under the covers towards the bottom of the bed. But soon I saw his lump moving under the covers like the giant worm in the TV show "Tremors" - going back and forth until finally he found where my legs were and he could "butt-up" against them. 😃

  • LOL, blanket worms

    Tiggy has lately started to lay between my legs right above the knee 😕 weird pup, lol, I don't know why he finds this comfortable, I actually don't mind to much it's like having one of those leg pillows you put between your knees

  • Moja loves legs! And she always did. Her favourite is laying on top of the part between the knee and the feet. But today she´s to big, but she didn´t realy notice that…

  • My roommate was up late last night and crashed on the couch instead of going to her room. As soon as Zip came downstairs she hopped on the couch and started poking around and walking on her back. I was like "ssh zip, no! she's sleeping!!" I don't know if Zip realized there was a human on the couch because her head was just peeking out from under the blanket. Eventually Zip plopped down on the back of/between her legs under her butt. And my roommate didn't wake up. So I said "ok", took a picture and went to work. Haha.

  • Jack has to go around and around and around and around until he finds the perfect position, then he lays down against me, and stands up to go around and around again about 10 more times before he finally stays still!! LOL

  • Our three tend to like to do the b-500 before they settle down for the night in our bedroom – the little turds!! 😉 Once they finally decide to lay down they each have their favorite spot to sleep which is 1. Bella in between my DH 's heads 2. Wrigley in the middle cuddled up to my leg and 3. Dane at the end o the bed. The only time one of them got under our blankets I awoke to Bella sniffing my bottom -- thought DH was trying to get frisky in the middle of the night until I realized what was actually going on ,,,lol !!!!!Seems strange but the other morning I woke up with a major back ache because all three were snuggled up to me and I didnt want to roll over and change positions because I might disturb them -- the things we do for our "kids" !!!

  • We call it the bedtime "TWIRL" LOL LOL 😃

  • rocky spins around liek that too.. and it doesnt matter WHAT he steps on.. i sit on the bed with the laptop, "indian style" (idk how else to describe it) and he twirls up right in my lap.. hes actually there right now.. hahaha no need for a blanket i got a personal heater 😃 he also likes to lay behind legs.. right behind the knees or right in your chest under the blanket..

  • Lol - Yup Right Behind My Legs. Trixie Also Will Get Up Several Times A Night And Reposition Herself And Its Like She Drank A Six Pack Of Beer She Falls Over And Gets Back Up. Its Hilarious

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