• Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had a basenji that puts their head under things (like a bed or dresser) and yodels their little head off. Indiana LOVES to do this and its so strange. He does it any old time but especially when he gets excited. He will sprint around the house and dive under the bed so just his head is covered and give a big yodel. Any ideas why? I know he is a freak, but seriously this is just strange!

  • LOL! Mine do not do that but it made me laugh!

  • My husband and i laugh histerically when he does this. Dh sometimes even joins in lol!

  • Video please!

  • My red & white, Congo, used to do that! Totally normal CRAZY basenji behaviour!!!!!

  • Sounds normal to me! My Basenjis don't do that but do hide their heads and do headstands.

  • How funny! Spencer never did that, but he likes to hide his head. And he did the headstands when he was younger. When they get older, they stop doing some of the funny things– like that 180 swivel that used to make everyone say "whoaaa!" 🙂

  • My girl at 9 years old will do somersaults on the chairs and couch. When finished she will be totally stretched out on her back. If I am close by, I will rub her tummy but sometimes I will blow on it and make a funny noise. They only get better with age!


  • Mine likes to sit on his head but yours is priceless!

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