starting jogging

mshilo... You really need help.

@mshilo Yes, fresh air... in the US... tons of it. All over the place, actually.

Why berate someone for making a comment about what they have experienced and seen? Perhaps it would have been nicer to invite them to visit you at one of the lovely public areas on "your side of town" where everything is clean and beautiful -- instead of making nasty remarks.

And while I'm not going to debate worldwide polution rates, if you are comparing the US and Israel, add population and land mass to your equations. After all, the US has approximately 36 times more people than Israel, and the US is (obviously) far larger.

All I was asking was that you stay on topic. This thread was about "jogging".

@elbrant US produce 30% world’s pollution by 3% of the world’s population.
No. You were not only asking to stay at the topic but discuss the greatness of US compare to other country you know nothing about, and my personality.
I would not make any general judgments on a new place in public, until I will be certain i know enough.
For example, I would not have said “sadly, I’m at the US, every one here has a gun, and I can’t send my children to school”. Then I would not add “ I was told before i came to bring safe-suits to the children and look them at home straight after school”
Let’s please say goodbye here.

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@mshilo And he continues to obsess over the US and how anyone could criticize Israel. A place you seem to have left, btw. Hmmm.

Would someone get the last word and stop this back and forth....I'm tired of getting emails that lead me to this off topic conversation....

@jhewell I hosted a "mailing list" much like this (years ago) and I had a couple of people on the list who were just nasty to each other. (Sound familiar?) Anyway, come to find out that both parties were actually the same person. It seems that some people are so bored in their own lives that they deliberately try to bait others into fighting with them, and sometimes they will pretend fight with themselves just to cause a disturbance. Or maybe that particular person had a split personality. Anyhow... the bickering between @mshilo and @DebraDownSouth reminded me of the experience. That said, I wasn't trying to bait anyone. I was simply curious. Frankly the last response I got was so convoluted that I cannot begin to respond. scratching my head 😉

@elbrant Wow. @mshilo blew a stack out of nowhere. That you would even indicate we are the same. Not to mention you jumped in and drew more responses.

And honestly... REALLY? I don't annoy real people often enough that I'd need to create a 2nd account? Not sure if I should thank you or what. I suspect people get bored, pop in to create problems and get attention. I'm a good target because I am evidently annoying and read as such. But I have been here for nearly 11 freaking years, and I post the same style for 11 freaking years. Not to mention, you can check IPs. If someone tries fake ids, the admins can see it. And, some here have personally met me. O exist. Anyone can find me, real person, nothing hidden. And just because I don't back down when people make it personal doesn't mean I like it. I would like to point out that YOUR post revived one that had stopped, with the pointed jab at me. So much for higher ground.

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@jhewell My apologies. Btw, you can unsub from notifications if you don't want them at all.

@DebraDownSouth You have misread what I wrote.

I never claimed that you and @mshilo were the same person. I did relate information about something that happened to me, years ago, which involved 2 people who really ended up being the same person (whom I did not name).

I was initally hoping to get @mshilo to chill a bit because his comments about the US seemed to come out of the blue, and I found them offensive, but apparently that just sent him/her off on a tizzy.

... and now you are off on a tizzy because, somehow, you decided this was all about you. -?-

... whatever...

No tizzy... but using someone by name has a tendency to make it sound like you mean them. It was funny, nothing big. I'm pretty sure you are good at saying what you mean and asking for clarification. I'm good with that. 🙂

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