• Hi All-

    Over the past two weeks Meeka's (BRAT rescue, 7-9 yrs old) stomach has looked bloated. We talked to the vet and thought she was just gaining weight because I switched her food a couple months ago and it has more calories per cup (and she has had weight issues in the past). The vet said to cut back the amount of food and give it some time to see if she sheds some of the pounds. She was at the vet a week and a half ago (for a bite wound from our BRAT foster) and they didn't say anything about her stomach.

    Well over the past couple days she hasnt been eating much, and she usually loves her food. This morning she wouldnt touch her food. When I went to pick her up off the bed she screamed in pain. At that point I knew something was wrong, it wasnt just weight gain. The vet is usually open Saturdays so I went up there this morning and they were closed. I went to the emergency vet (who also has different specialists).

    They did an exam and told me she has fluid build up in her stomach. What type of fluid or why was unknown, so they ran blood work, sampled the fluid and took xrays. The heart specialist listened to her heart and doesnt think it is related to the heart. Blood came back pretty normal, she was slightly dehydrated and her liver levels were very mildly elevated, but the vet said not enough to indicate anything is wrong with the liver. The fluid had no bacteria and they don't know what it is, it was pale yellow. It got sent out, results should be coming in 24 hours. xrays came back normal. The vet called the clinics oncologist and they think it is cancer in her stomach. The oncologist isnt in until tuesday. Meeka will go back tuesday for a full stomach ultrasound and additional tests. It was VERY expensive today, I don't even want to think about how much the ultrasound and tests on tuesday are going to cost.

    They drained 500 ml of fluid to remove pressure and make her more comfortable until we can get her back to see the specialist.

    Has anyone here dealt with fluid in the stomach, or stomach cancer?

    I am very worried about her.

    not eating (still drinking), bloated, and pain in abdomin are symptoms, she has not had any vomitting or diarrhea..

  • I have no experience with this, but I wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and your pup. I'm hoping for a positive outcome!

  • That is very scary… and the first thing that I would think of with fluid like that is cancer...

  • Unfortunately, that seems to be what the vet thinks as well. After running all the tests the results ruled out everything she thought it could be, except for cancer. She said if it is, the ongologist will discuss treatment options like surgery or radiation/chemo (I forget which one). I’ve been reading online about stomach cancer, and most of what I’ve seen is not good. Even if removed, most articles say the life expectancy is around 6 months or less.

    I am very scared for my little princess. It happened so fast.

  • I am so sorry about your news or that you are going through this. I have posted this information on here before but please stop and look into this and read. Our akita over 6 years ago had stomach cancer we fround this and used the treatment our only problem was we were to late. Yoyo still did treatment and did not have pain had we found out sooner about cancer and this navy protocal.

    We have just always said maybe it can and will help someone else. We had went back to this with my granny in June when at age of 91 we found out with her breast cancer.

    3 pills together called navy protocal treatment.

    under health and behavior
    Dog's tale of survival opens door in cancer research

    angiogenesis foundation

    Take all of the information to the vet and to oncologist. We did and told them to do it make him live. Ask them if this will work and if not why ask questions any you can think of and write your questions down so do not forget. Please we (our family and vet and grannys doctor) all beleive in this and they have came a long ways from 6 years ago.

    I wish you the best and please let us all know how it goes and how your doing.

    Rita Jean

  • Hugs to you and your b…do let us know what you decide and find out.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  • Sounds very serious and scary. I'll keep you and your pup in my thoughts. I wish I had more input

  • You and your girl are in my thoughts tonight! Poor little girl, give her lots of hugs and keep her hydrated. (Maybe some low-salt beef or chicken broth or pedialyte if she will drink it) Hugs

  • I am so sorry to hear about Meeka. It sounds far too like what I just went through with my cat Spot except his cancer was in his lungs and that was where his fluid built up in. I really hope you get better news.

  • I'm so sorry Sarah to hear about this with Meeka. In 2007 my red/wht Ringo had a tumor show up on the side of his stomach. He wasn't bloated and didn't have any fluid build up. The tumor was hard and round and just grew and grew and the bigger it got the less he could eat till at the end he couldn't eat or drink, lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated. It was fast about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. I think the tumor emits a toxin and they can't eat. I used a puppy formula mixed with chicken that I liquefied and used a large syringe to inject it into his mouth.
    But let's not freak out as maybe it's not cancer. Let's see what the test shows on Tuesday.

  • Thanks everyone.. I'm trying to stay positive but I don't have a good feeling about this. 2 weeks ago she was perfectly fine, and now this.

    She ate a little this morning, and she is still drinking water. Other than that she is just laying around, she doesnt want to go outside or do anything. I am going to call the emergency vet to see if I should bring her in to get more fluid drained to keep her comfortable until Tuesday. It looks like it all shifted to one side, because one side looks normal and the other is very large.

  • Houston

    Sarah, I just read this thread..I am so sorry to hear about Meeka, you are all in our thoughts and prayers this morning. I will send positive vibes coming your way.
    Please keep us updated, I know tuesday can't come fast enough.

  • I called the vet- they advised not to bring her back today since she is eating/drinking, and not in pain. the side that is larger is the side they drew fluid from yesterday, so she said some fluid may have leaked and formed a pocket on that side. so as long as she is comfortable i will keep her at home with us. i will keep you all updated. thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

  • I'm sorry to hear about Meeka not being well.
    My prayers are with you.

  • So sorry to hear about Meeka, hope she remains comfortable and that the outcome is treatable.

  • So sorry about poor Meeka, what a worry for you. My thoughts are with you and i hope she makes good progress.

  • Small update:

    I've noticed she is drinking a lot more water than normal, and peeing more as well.. any clue why?

  • I wish you the best with Meeka. As for the update, I would probably say kidney function is up.

  • @nomrbddgs:

    I wish you the best with Meeka. As for the update, I would probably say kidney function is up.

    I think that would the kidney values would be up (BUN and Creatinine) , not the kidney function, most likely the function is decreasing

  • I'm so saddened to read this thread. Hope you find a diagnosis soon and a treatment plan to help your Meeka.

    Hydration is important. Let her drink…BUT... intake and out-put could be a key to a diagnosis. Hyper-hydration can be as fatal as dehydration. Please regulate water intake until your vet advises differently.

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