• Shango had his annual vet check-up yesterday to update his shots and see if all is well and, good news, the vet said he's in "excellent shape!"

    He was 25lbs last visit, now dropped down to 18lbs! She said to keep up his diet and activity and that she wants him to lose another pound or two, but nothing below 15.

    I just had to share so Shang has encouragement to lose those final two! ;-P

    It's so good to hear our pups are doing well!

  • Good job keep up the good work. Just question is'nt 18 pounds about right?

    Rita Jean

  • It is for most, yes, but Shango's much shorter/smaller than most B's.

  • What size is Shango? That 16-17 pounds for a male basenji is really small. Do you have some pics of him standing?

  • That is what I was thinking… 16/17 lbs for a male is really, really small...

    My Kristii is only 15" at the withers and small boned, she is in good weight 18/5 to 19 lbs? I just can't image that he should be 16/17 lbs?

  • Yea… my male B is usually around 21-22lbs and I've always been told he's at a good weight. I can't imagine him under 20lbs.

  • Houston

    Ok, so the weight sounds really low to me too, even though I am fairly new to B's..
    I thought average weight is about 23-25lbs of course pending height and muscle tone and all..for a male.
    Otis finally lost some of his bacon/cinnamonroll/butter weight, he is down to 23.5 lbs, but he is tall.

  • Boy, that sounds really low to me. My bitch Ruby is 19lbs - and she is very lean. My boy Brando is 21lbs and he is really lean - not to mention with his broken leg, etc., his weight is a little lower than normal.

  • He's much smaller than most. Shango actually met Leo and Nexa from the Forums and Leo towered over him.

    He has really short legs.

  • Here are some pictures so you can see Shango. But without comparison of him standing next to another B, you really can't tell.

  • Not sure when pictures were taken good looking dog but 16 pounds seems like to little of weight. I know your taken good care of your baby and vet much know what they are doing.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    He sure is a pretty boy..

  • @Basenjimamma:

    He sure is a pretty boy..

    Thanks! I thinks so, too 🙂

  • He certainly doesn't look underweight but I'm sure he shouldn't lose any more.

    What a handsome boy!

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