• I took Jazzy and Keoki in yesterday to have blood drawn for the Fanconi test {Bryan's going to pick it up and mail it in, so for now I have 5 vials Basenji blood in my fridge – gee, no, not weird at all}, and to have Keoki micro-chipped.

    Jazzy was VERY rude to all the other dogs there, just cussing them all out as they came in. That was a first. Usually she is very good, and no one knows the real reason we call her "Champion Bitch" at home. NOW they do, LOL.:rolleyes:

    Of course, Jazzy was good as gold for her blood draw. Keoki copped some attitude, but nothing major.

    There is one vet at the clinic -- not the vet my dogs see,but another one -- who met both dogs earlier this spring. She'd asked at the time for Bryan's info as she said she's never met such good Basenjis before and wanted to know where they came from.
    While I was in the waiting room yesterday, she heard they were both back and came out to fuss over them again. She said, "I know I'm not supposed to do this in the waiting room, but I just love your Basenjis". She said she still has Bryan's info,and after her older dog passes away she fully plans to contact him. Said she tells everyone about my Basenjis and how impressed she is with them both.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that felt good!

  • Aww thats so good to hear. My vet when I was back in the states used to borrow my boxer when she would go and speak to the schools about animals because he is so mellow and doesn't mind being petting, poked and prodded and just loved on. He loved it!!! And he also got lots of cookies, lol

  • Jack does so well at the vet. Just stands there and doesnt MOVE when the vet is touching him…he doesnt even flinch whe he gets a shot or blood drawn....its actually kinda WEIRD....

  • Our vet and the place we kennel our dogs both tlove them. In fact, when we were planning on going out of town and the puppy was just old enough to go to the kennel, we called and they were full, but they told us they would see what they could do. They called back a couple of hours later and htey said htey rearranged some things so we could kennel our dogs there. (this is a "camp" style place www.campcanine.comthat has seperate rooms for the dogs so they could not just add a cage somewhere.)

  • Try calling vets to ask if you can have blood drawn for yourself. They really think thats odd. Hahahaha. My vet is an hour away so I figured I would try a local vet instead. Heck…its only bloodwork.
    Anyway...I found a vet, now I just need to figure out Fedex's last pick up time so I can send in Chance's DNA too.

  • Most FedEx's close at 7:00 pm for overnight delivery (I'm a logistics person and make a lot of shipments with FedEx). I think sending blood has different rules, you may want to check with them.

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