• Yay. Another good day at the vet. Keoki went in for his last puppy shots, and again wowed every body in the waiting room and office.

    Some people knew what breed he was, others did not. Everyone seemed to agree he was adorable. He got lots of comments and compliments inside the building and outside in the yard.

    One woman said he was just beautiful and asked if he was a Basenji. She said she'd never seen one before except in photos and was never impressed with the photos, but up close in real life they are beautiful. 😃 Yeah, I know.

    Vet was pleased with his weight, said he has a gorgeous coat and again loved the personality.
    Ahh, it's always nice when people love your babies!!

  • Great… how much did he weigh?... our little Kobey on his last visit was 17lbs... and yes that is a tad fat.. however I am a big, big believer of keep a puppy a little to the fat side... you never know if they will get sick and that little extra might be the difference between life and death.. I learned that with my OJ... he got sick as a 5 month old and had he not had a little extra as a puppy, we would have lost him for sure....

  • 13 lbs today. He's about 14 - 14.5 inches at the shoulder – I think. It's hard to measure a puppy when he is trying to eat the measuring tape. LOL
    He's 16 weeks, and all leg, I swear.

    How old is Kobey?

  • Zeke weighed in at 18.6 pounds at 19 weeks old. I am not sure how much Sophie weighs right now.

  • Zuri is 4 months old today and weighs 10lbs. I couldn't find the measuring tape to see how tall she is but she looks amazing.

  • WTG Keoki!!!

  • Aw…doesn't it make you proud? I love introducing the breed to people, especially when Nala is so sweet! Way to go, Keoki!

  • My basenjis are very well known at my vet's office. Since we are in so much when we have a litter everyone in the office knows my dogs. When I call, I just give my dog's name and they know who they are talking to. I always know when there is a new vet tech when they dogn't know my dogs when I call. Everyone there loves my dogs. When we first started there we were the "good basenjis" now I think we must have set the standard for basenjis since we are now "the basenjis".

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