Basenji on the Today Show!

I was just watching the Today show and there was a segment on a guy named Bill who rescues dogs and trains them to be in broadway shows, tv, etc etc. He was being interviewed on his couch at home and there was a basenji sitting on the lap of the interviewer!

Cool! I'm sorry I missed it!

Yeah! I was half watching while getting ready for work and I saw a little red face w/ white stripe and became glued to watching the little guy/girl. The basenji was really well behaved and just sitting there. Toward the end of the interview the basenji turned around and was laying flat on the couch with it's back toward the interviewer - as if to say "ok, you can go now!" so funny!

So typical for a B! Very funny!

That is an awesome story!!! I am proud of anyone who can take a Basenji with a shady past and make it a movie star. It's hard enough to take one with a good background and just train it to become a pet, LOL.:D

That is a great story! The basenji is certainly a beautiful one!

Thanks for sharing 🙂

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