• I am sadly dissapointed in the lack of Basenji/Sighthound activities in Florida. It's PATHETIC… I'd love to travel to go to a competition, but I want to be able to train Mali at home and then be able to compete someday. We already tested her drive by putting a white cloth over a tennis ball tied with a rubberband at the back and putting it on a fishing-pole. We'd cast the ball/cloth and reel it in as fast as we could to see if she'd chase it... and she did... but the only thing is we couldn't reel it in fast enough and she'd almost always catch it. We know she likes to chase it but if she'd follow the course is another thing. She likes to take shortcuts heh.... I'd really love to find a lure coursing club in Florida. Does ANYBODY know of anything that could help me??

  • You can check on the ASFA website www.asfa.org, here is what I found for Florida

    Apalachee Coursing Club, ACC
    Region 7, Member
    John Bruntlett
    5421 W.W.Kelly RD.
    Tallahassee, FL 32311

    Greater Ocala Gainesville L C Assn, GOGLC
    Region 7, Member
    Alice Vesely
    1016 Crystal Lake Rd.
    Lutz, FL 33548

    Sunshine State Coursing Club, SSCC
    Region 7, Affilate
    Susan Kort
    895 Pearl Dr.
    Mt. Dora, FL 32757

    For Florida state clubs contact info visit: http://www.asfa.org/clubs/fl.htm

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks… Google really wasn't on my side for this one. This helps a lot!

  • I'm actually have a hard time looking for practice runs in the New York/New Jersey area.

    Any ideas?? 🙂

  • New Jersey


    Borzoi Club Of Delaware Valley, BCDV
    Region 8, Member
    Barbara Ewing
    312 Juliustown Rd
    Columbus, NJ 08022-1502

    Garden State Sighthound Assn, GSSA
    Region 8, Member
    Tracy Rudzitis
    647 6th Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State, IWAGS
    Affilate, Region 8
    Eileen M. Flanagan
    168 Blau Rd.
    Hackettstown, NJ 07840

    Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Assn, JRRWA
    Region 8, Member
    Libby Kirchener
    591 Aura Road
    Glassboro, NJ 08028

    New York


    Coursers Of Central New York, CCNY
    Affiliate, Region 9
    Renee McCartin
    PO Box 11
    E Syracuse, NY 13057

    Big Apple Sighthound Association, BASHA
    Affiliate, Region 9
    Denise Flaim
    81 Lafeyette Ave
    Sea Cliff, NY 11579

    Eastern Whippet Assn, EWA
    Member, Region 8
    Richard Whritenour
    381 Elwood Rd.
    Fort Plain, NY., 13339

    Empire Saluki Club, ESC
    Region 9, Affiliate
    Rosemary Larkin
    1226 State Rd.
    Richmond, MA 01254

    Greyhound Club Of Canada, GCC
    Affiliate, Region 9
    Inez Hoffman
    45 Heath St.
    Buffalo, NY 14214

    Lake Country Lure Coursers, LCLC
    Member, Region 9
    Cathy Sanderson
    2690 Townline Rd.
    Stevensville, ON LOS 15O, Canada

    That's what I could find… not sure if those help any but here's hopin'

  • OH WOW!! 😃 Thanks Hannah!

  • Mali,

    I just knew where to look, we joined a Lure coursing organization a few months ago. If it wasn't for a co-worker who belonged to S.H.O.T. (Sight Hound Organization of Tidewater) I would not have had a clue about ASFA. I still don't understand all of it but I am learning.

  • Does anybody know of lure coursing in Miami

  • Is lure coursing generally restricted to registered B's?

  • Basenjis with a PAL or ILP number can complete in lure coursing.The application for a number involves sending in pictures with a front and side view of the dog and getting someone to sign in testament of the dogs breed purity.

  • Iluvmali, you have the right idea but there is an easier way. Take a string about 8-10' long and tie it to the end of a pole or fishing rod that has the reel and line removed. Tie a white plastic bag to the end of the string. (I use small bags such as those you get from shopping at Wal-Mart or a grocery store.) Standing in one spot, you can whip the bag all around you for the dog to chase and you will be able to keep it in front of the dog. You can also run and whip the bag around if you desire. Let the dog catch the lure once in a while and if the dog shows excitement by tearing up the bag, praise heavily, then replace the bag and start over. Be sure to stop before your dog loses interest. You want the training to end on a high note with the dog wanting more.

    Have fun!

  • Houston

    Robyn, I made Otis one of those "flirt poles" you are describing…one question though...Should I drag the bag on the ground or whip it up into the air, still within his reach? What would be more "lure-y" ( homemade word, btw)? I hope the ? makes sense.

  • On the ground is more like the lure.

  • Houston

    That is what I thought…I have yet to see an actual lure coursing event, being that it is so darn hot here...but will this late fall. meanwhile I will "play" with Otis..

  • Hey we are on our way to Texas tomorrow - turn down the heat a little will you!

  • I lived in Florida when I first got Jibini and had a lot of fun bringing him to lure trials. Coming over from AKC Obedience/Agility with my Boxer, I was pleasantly suprised how helpful, welcoming and friendly the other participants were to "newcomers". Most everybody was friendly, warm, helpful, didn't mind answering questions & generally "cheered" each other on.

    I will say I think it would have been easier to "keep going" with Lure Coursing if I'd had 2 Basenjis of my own. In my experience the Basenji entries at Florida trials were limited to one, MAYBE two handlers…..all with their own "pairs".

    I never DID meet anybody whose Basenji would "run clean" with a strange male dog (even a neutered adolescent puppy)....and believe me, I approached and asked every Basenji person I met, if either of their dogs would be able to run with Jibini after the trial on a practice run. Everybody was friendly & genuinely wished they could help, but I definitely understand not wanting to risk running with a strange dog, now that I know this breed!!! So I was never able to run Jibini with another Basenji so he could qualify for his JC.

    However, he did run a practice run at every trial we attended- and THAT was a blast in & of itself!! He took to it like a duck to water- we worked with a flirtpole but it was so neat to see him "turn on" and chase the lure like he knew exactly what to do. The very atmosphere of a Lure trial is amazing....even if you DON'T have a dog to run, it's worth it to just go as a spectator.... set up a lounge chair, sit back & watch graceful hounds do what they love most, all day long. I could watch it every day and never get tired of it!!!

    And I THOUGHT it was tough to find "local" trials in Florida because the state isn't centrally located- but now that I DO have 2 Basenjis and live in South Dakota (more "central" than Florida) I have still been unable to find any trials scheduled that are closer than 250-300 miles from me!! Oh well :)...there will always be more Basenjis in my future!!!

  • In order to get a JC your dog does not need to run with another dog. A JC is earned by your dog running the course by itself. It must pass 2 JC tests to earn the title.

    To certify a dog for ASFA the dog must run with another dog and show that it will not interfere. It is too bad that in some places there are not people willing to let their dog run with another to certify it. Though I would want to know the dog well enough to know that it is focused on the lure and not aggressive, my girl Rally has run many certification runs with basenjis new to the sport.

  • @lvoss:

    In order to get a JC your dog does not need to run with another dog. A JC is earned by your dog running the course by itself. It must pass 2 JC tests to earn the title.

    To certify a dog for ASFA the dog must run with another dog and show that it will not interfere.

    D'oh! I got the two mixed up 🙂 But that's what I meant, lol….

    Most of the lure trials we attended were ASFA trials....I think we did do practice runs at ONE AKC trial, but Jibini was less than 1 year old so I am pretty sure thats why we never did a JC "qualifying" run.

    I'm tempted to get back into it now that I have my own "pair".....but it always seems money is an issue that makes a 300-400 mile weekend jaunt a bit out of reach!! I also found it disheartening that there were so few Basenjis entered in Florida lure courses, and among those I met, nobody had dogs who could run with a strange dog.

    However, I enjoyed the time I spent at Lure trials and letting Jibini run....it was fun, even if we didn't get any "alphabet soup" for Jibini's name!!! Defintely an experience well worth it 🙂

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