Lure coursing

Does anyone know of a lure coursing club in Illinois? I would like to check one out to see if it might be right for Cody and I keep running into dead-ends on the internet.

Check out for coursing clubs.

Go to this website, links for all the midwest clubs are on it. Crown point in April will be the next IL event, we will probably be there runnning our whippets. There are generally only 2 events a yr in IL, we have to travel a lot to keep our dogs coursing.

Thank you to you both! So - if there are so few events how do you learn about coursing and begin training? Do people set up their own courses to begin training or do you travel to various groups when they are available. I hope this question makes sense - I know very little about this, but it looks like something my B would love. Thanks again!

Normally the clubs have practices after the Saturday trials. Unfortunately none of the clubs in our area have separate practice days. You might also think about going to some of the lira meets for straight run practices. The schedule is at

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