• Hi, we got Dixie from a shelter a few years ago. We arent sure if she is full basenji or mix, but sure she is mostly basenji. any one have any clues? she sings, but also barks if she needs to. she has a long tail, which doesnt look typical, so i am attaching a photo of her. thanks for any input.


  • Miss Dixie looks like a Basenji to me. If she's a mix ??? The breeder members here could give you their opinion. I still don't know whether mine is full or mix - but I'm sure he is Basenji too.

  • Miss Dixie sure is preatty. She looks part Basenji to me. She can even pose for the camera like a B 🙂

  • Thanks, I have 2 kids in the Bay area. We love our Miss Dixie, she is my soulmate. She yodels too, she makes the funniest sounds a dog has ever made. We take her to the dog park here, and her routine is to round up all the dogs and get them chasing her, and she is always in the lead, in a big running circle. She makes this growly sound and people think shes being mean to the other dogs, i just tell them shes a basenji, they make alot of weird sounds. She is also super smart of course, but try to teach her a trick, she has no interest. Does that sound like a basenji? thanks again, Debbi

  • Thats too funny 🙂 The sounds a B can make are the best. When I had my pup one day out of the blue, I was sitting on the couch watching tv and he wanted me to play with him so he ran right up to the couch to try to jump up but he couldn't so he made his first baroo. It startled him. He had this look on his face that made me laugh.

  • I'm certainly no expert, but she looks like a Basenji to me!:)

    Welcome to the forum…...keep the pics coming.;)

  • She's adorable, whether a mix or not. But she certainly has the Basenji look! Her face is very similar to my tri's…keep sending those cute pics!

  • she looks like she could be a mix but her characteristics and adittude are sure like basenji! she's so adorable… I can see why you love her so much!

  • I read some breed standards. Must have a white tip on the tail. Females 16" at the whithers and 22 pounds. Tail should curl and they should have a wrinkled forehead, between the ears and down onto the jaw. Very nice tri color…hope this might help. Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome to the forum! I have a little B X Lab mix. She is all B except for her mid way floppy ears & her labby love of water! We fell in love with all her quirky littly ways. This is a great group with a lot of info! 🙂

  • Sandie is a mix also… her mix is undetermined !!! She has the ears the wrinkle and the tail...She has the coloring and the markings... but ohhh my gosh she lost it in the height and weight catagory .... not sure of her height any more but last weigh in was a whopping 39 lbs...

  • thanks for all the feedback you guys. im sure she is mostly basenji from the sounds that come out of her, she also has the white on her tail, the wrinkled forehead, and the attitude. when around other dogs, shes a control freak, and gets them all to chase her in a big circle, noone is faster than her. she also loves to leap like a deer. here she is with our cat stanley

  • i think she qualifies as a basenji, she sings, she pulls on her leash, she understands everything we say, she has an attitude. shes also got the white on the end of her tail and look at those huge ears. im trying to post another photo… it keeps telling me my file is too big. i cant make it any smaller, grrr

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