Dixie's Cone of Shame

Baby Dixie after having spay surgery. Seti is relieved to have a break from puppyhood mania!

ROFLMAO, Seti's face says "ah peace and quite" and poor poor Dixie lol.

How is it that we are both online right now?

Awww would much rather be at the dog park with you!!! Will be there Thursday am…I'm guessing your pups will be with Hillary? Can't wait for my girl to run again!!! By the way how much does Bella weigh? Dixie is coming in at a whopping 22 lbs!

I am unsure about thurs, I may be there. Bella is 22 lbs, Ringo 19lbs!

Dixie has a very stylin' cone. 🙂 I haven't seen one of those - quite nice and probably much more comfortable than the hard plastic ones.

The cone is called "Comfy Cone" and is SO much better than the plastic - she can sleep with it comfortably and doesn't seem to mind it at all! You can also fold it back partially so that it's easier to eat.

@BellaJane: I'll be there around 9:30 am on Thursday!

oh and the outer edge of the cone is reflective - it makes me laugh when she is glowing inside the house

Nice looking cone, btw. But I like to cut quarter size holes in them to give peripheral vision.

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