Newbie from wigan

Hi Folks new to this bear with me.:)

Welcome! Just read threads (topics) that interest you and reply by hitting the "post quick reply" button, and dive in! You will soon have plenty of friends and hopefully share a lot of knowledge with us.

Hello fancy seeing you here:D

hi, here's the message you wanted again.


Welcome to the pack. Our dogs don't bark and neither do we.

I have some that do!!! Ha they are rotties and schipps!!!!

Welcome blackalf999, I think some of the Bs bark also. At least one woof and then look around to say "Who did that!":D

Welcome - Good to 'see' you here

Welcome to the Forum. I don’t think we have met, but my deductive powers are not at there best after driving to Blackpool and back today (10 hours!).


Welcome and enjoy.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum, i live very near to you.

Hello - lots of familiar faces on here now!


Hello you. Great to see another familiar face! 🙂


Welcome, nice to have you and your pack onboard.

Hi did see you at blackpool but never got chance to speak my dog was in junior,with my friend handling it.

were abouts in preston do you live?

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