Nail clipping! (Dogs not mine!)

  • Just how often does a Basenji need their nails clipping? (I bet I know the answer, and it starts with 'depends'….............)

    Clip or grind?

    How? (Whilst retaining full use of both my hands!!)

    All advice gratefully received,


  • Depends!!!

    With my last litter, I trimmed the nails of all of them once a week from week 1. I use baby nail clippers and did this religiously every week so the Bs get used to it. I still do this but now I use adult large clippers. 3 of my Bs have no probs having their nails clipped. Benji hates having his nails done so he gets the dremmel drill once a month or so! 🙂

  • For some reason my B files his nails down on the asphalt/concrete while we're outside. He's usually very excited to be outdoors and tends to pull time to time. Haven't needed to trim his nails in awhile.

  • I almost never clip/grind. Not even the dew claws. I think I've done it about 4 times in Tillo's life (18 months). I think I have the luck that he keeps them short by walking outside.

  • I use a dremel on my (soon to be) 6mo pup 1x per week…she is about to start being shown. I have been doing her nails 1x per week since she came home at 11 weeks. My 2 adults (4yo) I dremel every 2 weeks...they've already finished showing.

    This time of year, the nails do get worn down because of walking on asphalt, but I still like to keep the routine so we don't get out of the habit.

  • It really seems to depend on the dog. I try to trim Tillys nails every 2 weeks at least - and they need it.
    I have had 2 male dobes who never needed their nails done - but all my bitches have had to get theirs clipped regularly.

    not my favourite job - but at least with most Basenji you can see where the quick runs in the nail - though Tilly has three black nails -I just have to guess with those ones.

  • I do nails once a week on pups that are going or are being shown… "retired" adults every 2wks... and I use grinders, have never used clippers.....

  • I think every two weeks is about right, I use a large metal work file currently. I concur with Scott, this is also not one of my favourite jobs and it usually gets put off to another day and so on. They never enjoy it!

    I have always used clippers in the past, but occasionally you catch one too close to the quick. Most clippers obscure where you are cutting so I think grinding or filing is best.

  • It really depends on the dog. My girls I have to trim just about every week. My boy, I rarely have to trim, he keeps them very short. I use a grinder.

  • Jaycee back nails do not need near the up keep as her front. About every two weeks and we walk not sure why they do not were down but anyway. We use the Pedi-Paws it's ok just fancy name for a dremel but husband has that and uses it on our Akita. I am not to sure about it.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    I do my dogs claws about every two weeks as well. I have the clippers for Luna, the glorified mutt, she is very ticklish and I can't even do two claws with the dremel before she looses it. The other two, Otis and Gus gets the dremel. Otis can't stand it either but I am going to win this battle so we are fighting on..His claws are very nice and short, but I still do it every 2 weeks to make it a regular thing..

  • When a dremel is used what attachment do you use? I just got my puppy (6-7 months old) and when she walks on the carpet I can hear her nails dragging.

  • @BlueBell:

    When a dremel is used what attachment do you use? I just got my puppy (6-7 months old) and when she walks on the carpet I can hear her nails dragging.

    The sanding band.

  • Hi!
    I use to cut Mody?s nails about once a week or once a two weeks…they grows fast when Bs are puppies, then it will slow down. (I hope so, because Mody really hate it and it is one big fight between us two who will hang in longer. Usually it is me, fortunately. Mody is running away, growling and trying to bite. I try to manage it by possitive way and treating her in every good reaction on clipper and I thing it has improved a little.)
    We live in centre of the town but I have to cut nails of both my dogs, because they are growing despite they are walking and running much outside.

  • Shaye is six months old - she seems to keep hers short walking on the cement sidewalks - I have clipped the dew claw one time - so far hasn't needed it since - I keep a watch on them to be sure since they never touch the ground.

  • I use much the same method as Benkura except my show dogs get a quick 'dremel' a couple of times a week.

  • I don't think Bella has ever had her nails clipped because we just had a major fight in just clipping so we never managed to get to the dremel. Funny to watch the dog how to videos on clipping nails and they use this passive dog that would let you do anything. Should show working with one who does not want it done.

  • I need the 'leader of the pack' to be dishing out this paw related stuff!

    (Translated, that means my wife!)

    Self elected ruler of household Grear - it's time to earn your stripes!!


  • I often wonder how you know when they need to be clipped. I have never clipped zoes who is now 6 months old. I bought clippers but they are still in the package. We walk everyday for at least and hour and most of that is on the side walk or street so I think they get worn down this way.

  • If I can hear the nails on the floor, then I know it is "past" time to dremel them

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