• Hi All! My heart surgery went well and I came home this morning. Abbey gave me a huge BAROO but her first order of business when she got out of her crate was to gobble up last night's supper which she had been saving till I came home. Then she cried because Heather (my DIL) left. Then she had to check out my overnight bag and my ouches. She was most interested in the bandaid in the bend of my arm where the IV was! Mostly she hangs on me in case I might disappear again. She did allow me one short nap, then she woke me up so we could have lots of fun playing green bunny, hedgehog, soccer ball and squeaky chicken, which everybody knows is good therapy after heart surgery. I do appreciate all your kind words and prayers for me and for Abbey. She is recovering nicely from being chewed up by that monster last week but she still doesn't want to go the park.

  • OOHH soo good to hear everything went well!!! Lots of happy (((HUGS))) for you & Abbey. Once you get better I'm sure Abbey will get to tackling that fear of the park. Make sure u give her lots of treats along the way…maybe some HIGH value treats like turkey hotdogs 😃 😃

    Lots of prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  • I am glad to know all is well and you are home, but I'm sure Abbey is even happier to have you back with her!!

  • Lenora, Glad you're back home with Abbey. She seems to be doing her best as good therapy for you. You must have told the doc about Abbey so he would let you out, right? Now that you're home, recovery will be so much quicker and sweeter. Healing thoughts and best wishes that you and Abbey get back to the park soon. 🙂

  • Lenora,

    I missed the post about you having surgery, I hope that you have a speedy recovery! Sound like Dr. Abbey is in charge of your home care!


  • Good wishes for a speedy recovery-and I want you to listen to Abbey now, sounds like she knows the more you laugh, the quiker you heel, Oh I mean heal!

  • Hugs and happy thoughts for you and Dr. Abbey! She'll be in charge of your physical therapy routine from here on out. 😃

  • Good to hear that your surgery went well. I am sure you will have a speedy recovery with Abbey by your side.:)

  • Sorry to hear about your surgery but HAPPY all is well and you are back home with Miss Abbey.

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