• As some of you know I am getting a tri basenji boy soon… My mom already has a teacup poodle. He is sooo small. I swear they are going to be the same size when I bring him home lol. But will they be ok? My mom's dog Kasey 6 is kinda spoiled, but he is a huge cuddle bug to my mom. I thought it was a good idea that I got a puppy for them to adjust well, rather than an adult b. Opinions greatly appreciated.

  • Puppies of any breed are active, mouthy, untrained in interaction (other then their littermates and especially at 8wks). The pup will, by nature, be drawn to the other dog… and will try and play with him like he did with his littermates... Usually the adult dog will teach the pup many things about play biting and rough housing... and usually it is recommended that they be left to work things out on their own. That said, your pup will be "bigger" within a couple of weeks of the Poodle and being that small may be totally intimidated by the Basenji. Be prepared for lots of noise, growling, yelping, as they learn to adjust to each other, but also watch for serious signs of aggression from the pup towards to adult dog.

  • I will thank you for the insight. I think Kasey will first be shocked at first then adjust… Hopefully. When I do get him I am going to stay home for a couple days. (called off work), but am going to go to school for two hours or so after like day 3. I thought that would be a good idea.

  • It is always a good idea to take a few days and help the pup adjust and also bond with you and the family…. and start training

  • Yeah my mom told me that poodles are an independent breed, so she's going to teach me how to train my B, but just in case I am going to get a book… but I don't know which one. What would you recommend?

  • You should take your puppy to puppy class and then to OB classes…. There are a number of good books that have been recommended here about positive training and positive/reward based training methods. Just research the archives. I don't think that Poodles are an independent breed, as they were bred as a hunting dog if you reseach the breed... that said the "so called teacups" or just really small mini Poodles are really like any toy breed, meant to be a lap dog...

  • It is going to be really critical that you take your puppy to puppy kindergarten so he continues an education in dog-dog communication from other puppies. Puppy classes are much less about teaching your puppy obedience and much more about exposing them to continued socialization with a variety of dogs and people as well as new experiences with the very basics of training thrown in. There is no home substitute for this type of experience for your puppy.

  • Poodles are certainly not an independent breed - they are typically eager to please and/or can be spoiled rotten (my mom had one that was of the spoiled rotten variety. Sometimes I think that skill in training teenagers is more appropriate skill in training basenjis. There will be a lot of door slamming equivilents. Remember with a basenji - no means try again later.

    As Tanzia says - puppy k and basic obedience will be very very important. If you can find a class with folks who are familiar with basenjis so much the better. I had someone tell me that it took their basenji 3 sessions of obedience to learn what a Golden would learn in 3 weeks - and it's not because they are stupid - it is because they are smart too smart.

    I would suggest that you find the basenji companions website and join the group there are a lot of training tips for common and specific issues that you could find useful.

  • Cool thank you. Is there a site that will give me locations to puppy k, and what not locally?

  • Here are a couple of trainer directories. Please be sure to talk to the trainer before enrolling and make sure they use positive reinforcement training.



  • You can check out the local kennel clubs for puppy socialization and obedience classes. Locally, my options are the kennel club, Petsmart, and some of the doggie day cares have puppy classes as well. I'm be taking my puppy to the local kennel club. I don't know how it works in other clubs, but I just have to pay one fee for the year and I can take any of the classes in any the sessions for the rest of the year. So it's a pretty good deal.

  • Here is a link to all the All breed Kennel Clubs in Ohio - perhaps there is one by you. Contact them and ask about training centers in the area.


  • Wow that is a pretty good deal. I just talked to my mom and she doesn't want him to go to class, but I'll try to talk to her.

  • You guys are so helpful… Thanks!

  • @cuttiepie732:

    Wow that is a pretty good deal. I just talked to my mom and she doesn't want him to go to class, but I'll try to talk to her.

    Are you talking about the puppy or the poodle?

  • I am talking about my puppy.

  • Why would she not want him to go to class? This is pretty critical, IMO for any new puppy owner and puppy….

  • She told me in her life she has trained many dogs, and she is confident in her ability. Idk maybe I should just try her way, and if it doesn't progress I'll convince her to go to puppy training.

  • As others have said, the puppy socialization class is not about "training" as much as making sure the puppy has a healthy relationship with other dogs and people as well.

  • @cuttiepie732:

    As some of you know I am getting a tri basenji boy soon… My mom already has a teacup poodle. He is sooo small. I swear they are going to be the same size when I bring him home lol.

    An 8 week old Basenji is going to be larger and heavier than a Poodle that size. If the Basenji pup gets a bit carried away with its playing and the Poodle doesn't put him in his place for his rudeness, you may have to intervene. A "time out" for the pup may be warranted.

    Edited: Oops I missed Pat's post about this above.

    I do agree with the others that puppy classes are fabulous for socializing your puppy. It is best to meet the trainer and watch them teach a class before you sign up and commit to going. You want to make sure that you agree with their methods and that you will be able to follow their lead. Good luck!

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