• The message below was sent out through the BRAT-chat today. I didn't see that anyone else had posted it here so just wanted to get the word out. If anyone hears or comes across anything you can contact me or anyone with BRAT, we have the info to contact him.

    Last night I come home to a burglarized home just outside of Atlanta. The
    house is destroyed. But worst of all: my 4 year old blk and white male
    named woody was stolen. They took time to take his leash with them yet
    throw his tags on the floor.

    How can someone steal my dog. Or any dog for that matter?

    If anyone in the Atlanta area comes across a blk and white male PLEASE LET
    ME KNOW!!!


  • My God that's terrible, I'm so sorry. Did she say he was chipped?

  • I haven't heard anything else. I think according to the dates on his email to BRAT the dog was stolen on Sat night. Super sad. It makes you sick to think that people out there would steal your pet.

  • OMG that is awful, I saw the email too, I can't believe that someone would do that, not only take personal things from the home, but also their dog too and throwing tags on the floor - means it was definitely intentional to take the dog

  • OMG - I can't believe this. I would be past wit's end - it does sound like the creeps intentionally took the dog. I hope all the vets and pet stores were notified as well as a notice in the local paper.

  • Oh, how awful…I pray you get your b back soon...and these creeps go to JAIL!

  • I am so very sorry I hope you get him back and very soon. You have a lot ears and eyes out there.

    Rita Jean

  • I know this is horrible and sad, so don't take this wrong, but: doesn't stealing a basenji somehow sound a bit like the plot for The Ransom of Redchief?

  • Houston

    I am absolutely speechless…they actually threw the tags on the floor...talk about intentional. I hope the poor dog is found and brought back.
    Here is a little story;
    When I was in labor at the hospital, almost nine years ago, my dogs at the time was being kept by some friends. Well the dogs did not like those plans and dug out from my friends yard, Lou, the mutt stayed around their yard, but my westie, Bogus disappeared. All day while in labour I am freaking out, 'cause my "baby" is lost. 10 hours later my husband gets a call on our home phone, from some child, saying that they have the dog at their house, but his mom had fallen in love with it and decided to not call us, but keep him. The kid knew this was wrong and called us in the middle of the night to make things right again...can you believe it? I was in no condition to kill anyone, but trust me when I tell you I wanted to so badly. We got Bogus back and all was good again, but my point is..people just don't get it. I sure hope this little fella makes it back to where he belongs.

  • I think we all live in fear of something like this happening. It's pretty obvious if one of these wonderful B's escapes or gets lost, it's a 50/50 guess that whoever finds them is going to want to keep the dog for their own or worse, for ransom. Which we all would gladly pay. Tags and microchips and signs only work when someone responsible and decent is who found your dog.

  • One thing I keep meaning to do for Tayda is get a tag that says "NEEDS MEDICATION" so that just in case she gets out and someone finds her, it might make them call me rather than just keep her if they were tempted. My phone number, my vets phone number and the microchip company phone number are all on her tags so its not like there would be any lack of contact info. You'd never know it by looking at her that she has any kind of ailment…

    I actually think I'll do it for Lenny also - can't hurt. I think the kind of people who would not give back a dog to their rightful owner may also be the kind of people that wouldn't want to deal w/ a dog w/ special needs.

  • Good idea, although I wonder, in this case, if the robbers even took time to look at the tags, or just ripped em off and ran.

    The whole thing is just terrible…..

  • Houston

    I read somewhere to write REWARD on their collar tags with your # instead of writing their names. That way money motivated crooks are more likely to call if they find the animal, and they will not know the name of the dog, which might mean slower/no bonding with the dog. I of course have my dogs names on the tags, but I wonder if I should change that.

  • All our tags say "reward", but I agree with Catt, we have always joked it would be the "Ransom of Red Chief", one of my favorite O. Henry stories.

    On a serious note, Let's hope that ads in the 'lost column' of the paper and Craig's list, and hopefully media articles in the paper, will bring the thieves hoping to sell him back.

    When a local basenji escaped here during a robbery, lots of posters all over, and 2 or 3 media articles helped the folks who found him get him back to his family. Fingers crossed that this basenji finds his way home too. I would be devastated.

  • Good news! BRAT just sent out a twitter message that says Woody has been recovered and is back with his owner. No details yet on what happened but it's good to know he is safe and home.

  • Apparently the Burglars let him out to roam and animal control picked him up. Very good news indeed.

  • Houston

    That is awesome news. I guess the good thing about having a B is that if it were to get stolen or picked up…most people would go nuts over their "behavior" and possibly/hopefully let them go.. I am glad Woody is were he belongs.

  • Yay - happy happy day!

  • Thank goodness!

  • That is great have a super day have lots and lots of fun.

    Rita Jean

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