Lost B Washington DC craigslist

How sad, this B has been missing since October 8th. Got off his leash and has no collar.

The picture they posted isn't very good. I think it's a r/w. Hopefully they will find him.

I believe he was sent to Maryland to be bred, so I don't think he is even in familiar surroundings. His name is Macho.

OH dearā€¦.he could have gone in any direction then. The poor guy is probably incredibly confused and stressed.

Is he tattooed or chipped? Hopefully the owner has contacted vets and animal welfare organizations in the general area.

I do not believe he is tattooed or chipped (but could be wrong about that) and yes, he was sent from the West to be used at stud, so not familar with the place or the people.

A number of us have been reposting this poor guy's lost notice on Facebook. Here's the owner's response today.

Going to 3 shelters today, covering the park again, hanging posters. Big day.
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Rose Marie Holt Last day, then I go home.

The cross posts on Facebook said he has an AVID microchip.

This dog is still listed on Craig's List as lost. šŸ˜ž I'm hoping for a happy endingā€¦

He is microchipped - ALL my dogs and pups are microchipped. Yes he is still missing, I still kick myself for not going over with him. He has a straight tail and is silent and very sneaky. However he is my best dog, and if anyone can survive out there he can. As long as he hasnt been hurt or killed he will be OK.

Rose Marie, we all have 20/20 hindvisionā€¦. keep hope, keep looking... he is so pretty that I hope he is reunited with you soon. šŸ™‚

Oh dear, I just don't believe, IMO, that a lost dog roaming around will be "OK".

Have the vets and humane societies in the area been checked recently? Are there posters up for this dog?

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