• My neighbor and I have found a lost or stray red and white Basenji in Decatur, GA, near Lilburn. I think it's a young male, but he's pretty skittish and I haven't been able to get a good look or a pic of him yet. He looks nearly starved, so I'm thinking he's been lost a little while. I'm hoping to get him to the vet for an exam and microchip test tomorrow or Fri, and I've done a little checking on Craigslist and a few other sites for anyone looking for him, but help would be much appreciated, in finding him a good home pretty much immediately. I can't keep him, as I have six cats and no fence, and my elderly neighbor only wants the one dog she has now.

    I'll try to get a pic and more info up soon.

  • Have you tried your local dog catcher we call ours when we find a dog. Our dog catcher knows we keep them until we usually find there home. Catcher just laughs at us but we do not want them to take one away. Usually person who lost there dog has called them. Not sure about your newspaper but ours gives us three (3) free days on found animals. Does it have any tags of any kind? Basenji can be often kind of stand off but usually come around rather quickly. Poor baby who knows who all has yelled at it or what. Might look on internet at your local newspaper at past dates someone may have had a ad. Hopeful it is microchiped. Good luck lets us know what happens please.

    Rita Jean

  • Oh thank you for rescuing that poor skinny basenji. If there is no microchip and no one answers a "found" ad, contact Basenji Rescue and Transport, they can help you and take him to find him a home.

  • Check carefully for the microchip. My pup's migrated to behind her right elbow so have them scan all over.

  • thanks for saving this poor baby. If there is not microchip you can contact BRAT and they will help you.


  • Houston

    On behalf of that poor B and all the others out there lonely and lost..thank you. I hope there is a microchip or that somebody missing him has posted ads. If not please listen to what the others have mentioned and contact BRAT, they will help you in a heartbeat.

  • Can you post a picture of the basenji? You said he was red and white? Is he neutered or intact?

    We might know this dog but there is no way to know without a picture. I will ask admin to send you an e-mail address and a phone number so you can be in touch with me. thank you.

  • If you don't find the owner, contact me. I live in Blairsville, GA. I will take the boy immediately and have him vetted.

    I have two female Basenjis, a large fenced yard, and live on several acres in a very rural area. There is always room for one more!!

    My oldest B was also rescued from the streets. She was starving, mean, hateful, full of sores, and most of her fur was gone. She was to be put-down at the shelter. The vet who contracts with the shelter recognized the Basenji breed and took the dog to her clinic. It took two months for my B to get healthy again. Now, she is loving, healthy, and my little darling.

  • Okay, I got the pics uploaded, and I have more info.




    We are calling him 'Boo'. I took him to the vet for a quick look-see, and she said he's not chipped, and he's not fixed, and his teeth are in dire need of cleaning. She thinks he's about seven, but she wasn't sure. Except for being malnourished, he seems in pretty good shape. Very active, almost hyper. Does great in the car, and okay on leash(kind of hyper). He also got a bath and flea treatment from a very nice groomer who said he was very good about everything except being crated. He had a little aggression while in the crate.

    We are going through BRAT to find him a home, hopefully soon.

  • Houston

    On behalf of Boo, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to help this little guy. I know that BRAT will help you find a nice home for him. He looks like a pretty dog, he needs a few really good meals and then he is ready to go. He sounds like a pretty typical B as well, Hyperish and not happy in a crate..lol.

  • Boo is beautiful and so lucky to have found you. Your special person and thank you for ever and always. You have done a great job thank you for caring. Let us know how it goes and I know BRAT will help you. Don't forget us and let us know. Have a great week-end.

    Rita Jean

  • Contact Vicki as she wants to take him.

  • Bless you for taking in this poor little guy.

  • The pictures broke my heart. Poor guy. The Cats Other Mother: You are such a kind compassionate person. Thank you so much for helping this guy out. You have a big heart….are you sure you don't want a basenji. You seem like you'd make a good basenji mom. And Vicki....you are a sweet heart for offering to open your home and heart to another guy.


  • Thank you Dan and BasenjiDiva. Boo has a home in North Georgia Mountains if BRAT isn't able to find a foster home. My vet has looked at the pictures of Boo and she is quite concerned about his teeth and general health. Because of the condition of his teeth, she fears he may have been a backyard breeder's dog and was set loose. Boo is so fortunate to have found two loving people who are helping him find his way.

  • Houston

    Vick, I am happy to open up my mail this am and find this post about Boo. Your an amazing person for opening up your home to yet another dog..Boo is a lucky dog.

    I just today had my homevisit from BRAT regarding volunteering as a foster.

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Vick, I am happy to open up my mail this am and find this post about Boo. Your an amazing person for opening up your home to yet another dog..Boo is a lucky dog.

    I just today had my homevisit from BRAT regarding volunteering as a foster.

    Cheers for your home visit. 😃
    Please keep us posted. Do you have a particular baby in mind?

  • Houston

    No one in mind in particular, would just love to help in any way.

  • Thanks for taking him in and do not forget to do a urine strip test for glucose/Fanconi or have the vet do a urine test. He may be thin because of it and he is at the right age to have it. Perhaps his teeth are bad because he bites at the crate wires. I have seen commercial breeder dogs do this as my Zippy's littermate sister had no upper front teeth because of biting at the wires.

  • Thank you for taking in this boy and helping him out. I do hope that more effort is put into finding his owner before he is rehomed though. Many years ago I had a Basenji escape at a dog show in another state. He was gone for a week and his condition seriously deteriorated during that time. He lost 5 pounds, his coat faded, and he looked pretty dismal. He looked similar to the dog in the pictures. My point is that just because a dog isn't in pristine condition when found it doesn't mean he was mistreated prior to being lost. He may have a family who misses him greatly and maybe they just don't know how to go about finding him.

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