FOUND Basenji Male in Miami Fl Looking for a new home!

LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME ! I found a Basenji Mix in Miami- Kendall area, I 'm fostering this adorable dog while looking for the owner. I found it on January 2012, and i don't have the chance to keep him (I already have 4 cats and another dog). If you are interested in or if you can advise about safe fostering places, I will appreciate it. . He is neutered, healthy , young dog, very friendly with cats, people and other dogs!

For some reason Facebook is telling me that the content is currently unavailable! Do you have another link?


Thanks for your reply. here is the link however if doesn't work please let me know to email you information .
link is working good;

The link is still not working.

You have to go to your picture and set it for public, or simply post it here.

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