FOUND-FL-Orlando-Tan Male-Possible Basenji-On Craigslist

Found tan male dog with white under on 7/11 at 11:00 a.m. on Alafaya across from the Pepino's restaurant and Hess gas station. Looks like a Basenji and does not bark!

Is there anyone in the area that can call and check to see if he is a PB? I would hate for him to go to a shelter. Does anyone know if someone in the area is missing their B?

Here is the ad:


I sent an email asking for a picture. I'm familiar with the area described and would be able to check him out. If he is a basenji please direct me what to do from there.



This is the picture she sent me of the dog. Doesn't look like a basenji to me. I'm not sure where to direct her from here.

Not to me either, if anything looks more "shibaish"

Has the coloring of a Shiba! The person has listed it as a Shiba on Craigslist. It is a nice looking dog and I hope the owners are found!


Definately Shiba Inu. But I am surprised it does not bark! Our shiba always barked…and barked....and barked. You really do enjoy the quietness of a basenji once you've lived with them over a barking breed. I hope this little Shiba finds his home!

I referred her on to the local lost pet site which will send a mass email out as well as post the dog on their Facebook page. She says she has fliers up but no calls yet. She also currently has 4 dogs of her own so she's hoping to find his family.

First Basenji's

Tried to pass this along to some Floridian Shiba people who will hopefully know where to direct lost/found Shiba ads!

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