Found Basenji in Houston

During my regular check of craigslist (still hoping to find Juan) I came across this ad for a "Found brown/white dog - very loving" When I clicked on it, I saw it was a Basenji.

I don't know how to reference the craigslist ad, but if you go to craigslist Houston and see the entries under Lost and Found for June 1 it should come up.

I did e-mail the poster and gave her our name and phone # and asked her to contact BRAT if the owner doesn't claim him and they can't keep him.


Thanks Dan - again you're a hero!


I hope this b gets home soon.


ahh, I hope this fella finds his/her home…

I heard back from the finder this morning. She says his face looks like Basenji, but his tail is long and straight, not curled. So she thinks he might be a mix. Anyway, she is going to take him in to the vet to check for a microchip, and will hold on to him for the rest of the week. If he isn't claimed, she says she will contact BRAT.


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