R/W Basenji found in Moreno Valley, CA

  • No chip or collar. He's at Medfly Basenji Rescue in Acton, CA right now.

  • If I could handle the drive physically I would go there and get him. I still haven't recovered from my drive to rescue my new brindle-boy Diesel who, is so happy with my 5 year old R&W Pipet that he just can't sit still (except for those long afternoon naps of course). Keep us posted, if anyone can get to me in the Detroit area I'll happily have three stooges!

  • Wonder if he jumped a fence or escaped through an open door/gate since he is not wearing a collar! Nice looking boy.


  • i want to get it but problem is my family will not accept it because i have already a basenji…... which name is mike i like my little cool boy.... he is 5 year old. and my all family members like it.... that's why they will not accept other basenji.

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