• I am crossposting the following here, trying to get word out to as many international Basenji people as possible. The dog is a red/white female, chip # is: 985120032622892 The dog has been found, and is being held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Anybody have any idea of what type of chip this may be, the thinking now is it may NOT be a USA chip, possibly UK.

    "A basenji has been found with USA microchip number. The basenji is not in the USA at this moment. Who can I contact to run the number to find her owner. It's urgent as finder can no longer keep and will be taking her to the pound soon. Any help is appreciated."

  • The ISO are 15 numbers, which is the international standard.

    Tried to look it up and found:


    The Microchip is enrolled with:
    (No information found in participating databases. Please see below for possible manufacturers.)
    The Microchip is distributed or manufactured by:
    This is most likely a microchip from:
    HomeAgain (888-466-3242)

  • The chip was sold to Alpha Vet Ltd in Hungary. I tried to email them with the chip # to see if they know the vet that installed the chip. I haven't heard anything back yet.

  • I have learned that the breeder of this Basenji has been found, she is in St. Petersburg, Russia. The owner has not been located as apparently the chip was never registered. Of course, a GOOD breeder would have that information but I'm not sure if anyone actually "knows" the breeder. Anyway, the dog has been taken to a no-kill type facility for now, and will not be going to the pound.. I'll let you know if I have any updates.

  • I seen a post on BRaT that says she is not the breeder and does not know who the dog belongs to. The dog is at a safe home and will not be taken to the pound. I contacted Destron Fearing who manufactured the chip. They told me that the chip was sold to Alpha Vet Ltd in Hungary in 2007. I've sent emails to them and hope to hear back from them tomorrow.

  • You might post on the Facebook international basenji board.. not a lot of members, but who knows.

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