Need some help and guidance . . .

  • It's been 7+ months since I've written. After the passing of my 15+ year old male Alex I just had to step away from the Basenji world for awhile. My 15+ year old female had passed the year before. One I'd bought as a pup, the other was 1 year old rescue when I took her in.

    I had not thought about getting another dog for awhile but a situation has presented itself:

    At one time I was very involved with our local shelter / Humane Society. A couple weeks ago, our local animal control officer contacted me. She had been informed of a backyard breeder with a litter of Basenjis who had given up on trying to sell them ($100 each) and was wanting to turn them over to the shelter. She was wanting to know if I'd be willing to take one or more of them in if the event took place.

    There is a a Tri female about 4 months old in the litter. She has been wormed, received her first round of shots but that's about it. I do know for a fact that there has been no Fanconi testing of the pups/parents. How would you proceed, and IF I did decide to give the pup a home what testing would you recommend?

  • Fanconi test for sure….. that is the most important, IMO. As long as otherwise she is healthly, then that is the best you can do right now.

  • I'd say don't worry about the tests until you decide if you want to get a pup or two to begin with. That way you're not basing anything on the outcomes.

    As for tests, you can also get things like elbows, patellas, eyes checked pretty cheap at clinics different places. I think I got the eyes done for about $10 then just paid to get the results on OFA.

  • Thanks for the advice. I guess the outcome of this will depend on the breeder. I very hesitant to buy from a backyard breeder, but would like to see this pup end up with a good home.

    Not sure how hard housebreaking will be - from the look of things I doubt the dogs have ever been indoors before. 😞

  • The pups are still young and should respond well to good consistent training. You will need to make sure they get plenty of socialization and positive experiences because this is where their biggest deficit is probably going to be.

  • @lvoss:

    You will need to make sure they get plenty of socialization and positive experiences because this is where their biggest deficit is probably going to be.

    That's one area where I was completely surprised. I visited with the pups/parents, and all were very well socialized with humans. Very curious, sniffing, licking, tail wagging, etc. One of the pups even annoyed the mother and brought a corrective growl out of her. I immediately approached the mother and reached to see how she would react. She started wagging her tail and licking my hand. No signs of aggression towards humans or strangers whatsoever.

  • There is a lot more to socialization than just people. TC the girl that I leased from North Carolina has a wonderful temperament and was very well socialized with people and at dog events. Her owners live in the country so she had a definate adjustment period when she came to live with us in California. One example was the first time she saw soccer being played, she had no clue what that was and was concerned about it. Because she was well socialized she adjusted well but when they don't have good socialization early on to new things they can have a hard time with new things when they are older.

  • Do let us know if you get one or more of the pups.
    They will be very lucky to land in your home.

  • I would suggest getting 2 if he surrenders them. A sibling pair is great, they can keep each other busy and maybe less destructive, and will be happy to be together. I love having 2…or more.

    I have found that the best dogs sort of fall into my lap, not necessarily when I planned. This may be one of those times for you!

  • Though I like having two, I think it is better to have some space between them in age so that they get plenty of individual attention as puppies. If you get two at the same time, you really need to work to make sure that you give each puppy individual attention and training. You also need to work on taking them places by themselves so they learn that they don't develop separation anxiety so if one needs to go the vet or something the other doesn't freak out.

  • It can and usually is difficult with littermates…. if you do, make sure they are of different sexes.. as same sex littermates can really present a problem as adults.. IMO sibilings are not always the best pairing....even when of different sexes

  • I ended up taking one of the pups. Right now I think one is all I can/want to take on. I tried the "two is easer" route last time, but I don't think it helped a lot. We've named her Bella, and will be taking her to the vet next week for 2nd round of shots. Once all the papers are back from AKC I'll be having her Fanconi tested as well.

    She's 4 months old, and not very happy about being separated from mom, dad and her two remaining sisters. Hopefully we'll manage at least a couple hours sleep tonight. 😉

  • You may want to have her eyes checked as well when you get a chance. Just a thought. But she's very cute-congrats. (I love her ears they are soo small)

  • Nice looking pup! Give her lots of love and treats and she'll forget about her mom and siblings in no time.

  • She's so sweet! Congrats and good luck 🙂

  • She is a cutie! Congrats! She is lucky to have you 🙂

  • Didn't want to leave her home alone the first day, so she's taken over my office.

  • Awwww, how cute is she??

    Just a question, how long after you got up did she wait to hop up in the chair?

    I'm betting it was still warm…..

    Lucky Bella!!

  • She was in it before I got out, and just stayed there after I left.

    Surprisingly, she's the best mannered Basenji I've ever come across. A quick "no" will stop her from any undesired activity (besides whining).

    To my knowledge, she'd never been inside a house. The whole lot of them lived in a large outdoor doghouse. Regardless, she hasn't had an accident inside the house / office yet. I'm hoping as long as we keep taking her out every 2-3 hours that she'll house train herself. 🆒

  • @nomrbddgs:

    You may want to have her eyes checked as well when you get a chance.

    I was thinking the same thing. Do her eyes have that blue haze over them in person or is it just the camera?

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