• I am trying to name my little puppy, PLUS my kennel. I had Podhradsky Kennels but now i am not sure i want to use that. i want a cute one but one that is easy to remember. ALSO id like to have help naming my basenji puppy. Had some help but need more! lol

    I am thinking of having her call name be African Princess (if it is not already taken) Right now i have the kennel name as Dreamlite kennels. So it would be Dreamlite's African Princess. Anyone have any ideas what a call name could be. I dont like princess as it alone. any ideas of either african countries/cities/towns, or another word for princess in another language. I am trying to find the perfect name. ill try to attach a pic of her! Hope I can have some help! Thanks!


  • She's a pretty girl. When i was looking to name our Pup i did a google search of African girls names.

  • Thank you πŸ™‚ ya i looked up a few but i cannot find a cute one. it sucks lol any ideas? let me know. thanks for the reply πŸ™‚

  • My suggestions:

    Maiden (I personally love this one)

  • I actually do not get it…
    the pup needs a name and the kennel too , but the pup is bred by somebody else? or ???
    is that normal in the USA? we are not allowed to do that in the netherlands that is for sure.

  • Don't you have to use the names of the sire/dam for the formal AKC name?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Don't you have to use the names of the sire/dam for the formal AKC name?

    Not sure I understand your question? But no, you do not need to use names of the sire and dam for AKC.

    To address ibi_n_sane's question, it is up to the breeder if they require their kennel name to be used. Most all Back Yard Breeders (meaning less then responsible breeders) could care less about registrations of the pups let alone caring to put their name on a pup. All they care about is the money received and the profit they made.

  • Sophie is really cute and Thanks for the replies. I THINK we have decided on going with the name Amirah. Prairieland's Arabian Princess as her registered name. Amirah means princess in arabic. πŸ™‚

    I appreciate all the help with the names. and if we decide a different route i will repost it. Thanks again!!

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