Please pray for Booger

We will definitely be keeping Booger in our thoughts and prayers.

My vet's lab has a blood panel that includes the basic blood panel plus tick borne illnesses, you may want to see if your vet offers a similar panel. The last time I had this run in cost $85. His symptoms are fairly consistent with tick borne illness.

Here is an excerpt on Ehrlichia
"Ehrlichia canis is probably the most widely recognized tick borne disease other than Lyme disease. It is found in many areas of the world and is primarily spread by the brown dog tick. Infection rates are higher in warmer areas, so this disease tends to have a Southern distribution in the U.S. The first signs of infection with E. canis typically occur within 1 to 3 weeks after the organism enters the body. Low grade fever, decreases in platelet counts, weight loss, lymph node enlargement, lessening or lack of appetite and weight loss are the typical clinical signs. This phase of the clinical signs is often missed by pet owners and does not often cause severe enough illness to cause death. The majority of dogs manage to kill the Ehrlichia organisms during this acute phase of the infection and are no longer infected. "

Forgot to include the link and that the next paragraph states dogs that have difficulty fighting off this disease often exhibit the symptom of nose bleeds.

I'll be thinking of Booger and both of you as well.

Are there any vets you could consult for a second opinion? Maybe a fresh set of eyes could help figure out what is wrong.

How awful, of course you and your family will be in my thoughts.

Booger and you are in my prayers.

I will be keeping Booger in my thoughts, hope you will find what he has!

Some good thoughts for Booger.. I hope you find out what's bothering him..

Awww hang in there Booger…... we're all pulling for you!

You and Booger are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you find out what is wrong and that it is nothing serious.


Hugs to you and Booger, sorry the little guy hasn't improved.

I have to agree with lvoss that it does sound like it could be a tick born illness…and especially lyme. Has your vet done any testing for that?

I hope for the best for Booger and for you. Keep us updated.

Oh no! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!

You can, of course, count on me for any and all support I am able to give. I want to stop by and see him (and you) sometime soon.

I'm thinking of Booger & you as you go through this together. Hugs to you both. Keep us updated.

Good thoughts coming your way…. hugs to all

I am so sorry to hear that Booger has made no improvement. I will be sending positive vibes your way.


We are still praying and sending basenji hugs your way… BTW did you ever get the blood work done? I know your Vet. didn't seem too interested in doing blood work... but maybe there is another clue as to what is afflicting poor Booger there. Maybe you could get a second opinion from another Vet.? I know how hard this is for you, we do wish the best for you.

Hugs all around. We're keeping you and Booger in our thoughts and prayers!

I will be thinking of you and hope you are able to get to the bottom of this. His health has so declined that SOMETHING is being missed. I assume they have checked for autoimmune hemolytic anemia? I'm not talking about the inherited kind, but the idopathic type. It is easily found if they do a PCV. Lethargy is very consistent with hypothyroid but not the weight loss. It would be the opposite – he would gain weight without eating much. Please let us know. This is very sad.


Any chance you would be open to taking Booger to a totally new vet/clinic. A fresh pair of eyes to look at the situation. Ask for his records and just get a second opinion. To use a lame quote – sometimes one can't see the forest for the trees and I'm wondering if this isn't the case here.


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