• Was wondering if anyone has any information on how a B did with an amputation. Are boy has a very bad broken wrist on his hind leg. Diabetes so that also complicates things also. The vet has given us a few options, one is pinning with a halo devise, casting which he would have to wear for at least 12 wks or more or amputation. The other option would be to plate it, but they don't want to do this one because of the skin being to thin. We have talked about the casting or amputation. Please any advise. Just want to help my boy.

  • Dogs for the most part do very well with amputation, Basenjis are no exception to that.... I know a couple and get along just fine be it front or rear leg. Surprised that they don't want to plate, my one Basenji broke both bones in the front leg just above the wrist. Plate was put in, never an issue.

  • Amputation is a major surgery, far more healing than plating or pinning. But certainly a cast is better than amputation. While dogs do fine with amputations, the healing would be a lot longer than the 12 weeks casting. If the vet is not an ortho specialist, I really suggest you see one for a 2nd opinion.

  • Did see an ortho and she didn't think plating would be good for him sense he is diabetic. That it might cause issues. The brake is in his wrist and the bone is broke in couple of spots. is the casting hard on them. he would have to be crated the whole time.

  • Once you amputate it’s gone...try casting first. Nature is amazing

  • I have no experience with broken legs, but I had a basenji boy who turned diabetic at age five, he passed away at eleven from cancer. If you have good control of the diabetes is important. I remember at times we had really good control of his blood sugar and there wasn’t much the vet held back on with dental cleanings etc. Towards the end his blood sugar was much harder to control, so we were much more tentative. Don’t know if that helps, but best of luck and I really hope it turns out good for you.

  • My old girl Ella had a shattered rear leg from being hit by a car. My options were amputation or surgery. I opted for surgery. She did have a plate inserted but that was because she had bone pieces removed and the plate was there to connect what was left of her leg bones. We had casts, lots of casts. The vet told me to keep her quiet, not let her roam around, absolutely no stairs, and to wear an e-collar if not well supervised. Ella did not listen to the vet. I blocked the stairs with a baby gate but she managed to jump it while wearing the cast which went all the way up her leg. She perforated her e-collars to where I could use them as colanders. I also had to find a high calorie food (not high protein but high calorie) because the veterinary surgeon said she would need twice the caloric intake in order to heal quickly. I ended up hand feeding her a mix of kibble and canned food. She healed fast and well. Ella ended up with a slightly shorter rear leg but she could still run like the wind. She lived 11 more years and died at age 14.5.

    I have seen photos of the halo type device on one of the Facebook groups, "Basenji". You may have to join the group but here is the link to the post https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1904813413071092&set=gm.1407068002664730&type=3&hc_location=ufi
    I am sure you can contact the owner of this dog, Maria Eriksson‎, but please remember that English is not her native language as the "Basenji" group is international.

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