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Thank you very useful article

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It must be very distressing to hear your b cry. We had a similar situation with our boy. He would cry piteously when left and our girl would chime in as if to sooth him. We found crating them (their safe place) with a treat, kind words and a covering as if they were being tucked in at night did the trick when home alone. Crating occurred after a walk so they were comfortable and, as far as I can tell, they slept until we got home. Then greetings and another walk. We’ve also found letting them loose whenever we’re at home is a necessary complement to this - they are such loyal little pack animals! Have you discussed this situation with your vet? As a last resort, a pharmacological intervention may be a short term possibility during an adjustment period.

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I have a 9 year old girl and an 8 year old boy (from different breeders). Despite the girl being our first, the boy has assumed dominance. Over the last 6 months he has started to bully the girl. He will growl and nip her then smell her butt. It’s sad to see her cower. I will step in and say NO! Then attempt to soothe both dogs but he continues to bully her in this fashion at random times for no apparent reason. Any suggestions about how I can curb this behaviour?

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I relate to your comment about your basenji being aggressive towards white fluffy dogs. I wonder why these dogs attract their attention.

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My male b has developed a rather large lump (about the size of a golf ball) on his belly. I’ve had it examined thoroughly by a Vet and am reassured that it is benign. My b is 9 years old. I’m wondering if I should have it removed as it is slowly growing and somewhat unsightly. Has this happened to your b and if so what would you advise? I would welcome your comments.

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Unfortunately we have the same problem with our boy (9) and girl (10). Off leash they play well - 95% of the time. The other 5% can be a disaster especially with small frightened dogs. My guys have gone after such animals and even bitten them - once drawing a small amount of blood. This behaviour seems quite instinctive and regrettably I have not been able to curb it. I do hope your pleasant little fellow doesn’t go this far. But we are talking about a very primitive breed.

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Thank you all for your useful tips. Through this trial and error process I have found that crating them has been very helpful. I guess it is there safe place.

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  • list itemg- whenever my basenji male is separated from us he howls- LOUDLY. He is always in the company of our female basenji who chimes melodiously in with him to comfort him. We have just relocated to a more densely populated residence and his howling will not be tolerated. If we are unable to curb his howling we will have to re home him. So your urgent advice would be most welcome.
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My Basenji girl has just enjoyed eating a wonderful leather collar that I had handcrafted for her in England some years ago. It was made out of saddle leather - it was soft but durable and designed priniply for grey hounds and whippets and wide back. I got the web address from someone on this website but alas am unable to relocate it. If you are aware of the site I would be most greatful to hear from you. Alternatively if you could suggest another suitable collar that would be terrific. My girl is just over 5 and still lovins chewing!

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Omega 3 and the horse brush have restored their coats to a rich red - thanks for advice. The horse brush removed (bit by bit) the pale, fluffy winter fur.

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