• Good morning everyone, I have a question about legs seizing up. So about 6 weeks ago my boy Moko was sleeping and woke when I came in the front door. He immediately came running around the corner to greet me and he crashed into the wall and when he got to me his fell and couldn't get back up his legs seized up and he was very dazed and shaking. He eventually came to his sense's and was "normal". Well this morning he was asleep on the bed and my wife opened the front door to get the paper and heard him jump down from the bed, when she came in she expected to find him waiting at the door, but he was found laying on the floor again with back legs seized up and shaking. She calmed him down and he was able to get up, he immediately wanted to go outside and he threw up. Moko is 2 yrs.and 10 months old, I've spoken to the breeder and no other pups from same litter have had this issue. I'm taking to the vet now, just wanted to reach out here and see if anyone had any similar experience. Sorry for the long rambling post, a little shook up.

  • When he ran into the wall.. was it head first? Could have been a neck and/or spine injury... hopefully the Vet will be able to determine. If that is possible the case, you might want to inquire about about acupuncture and cryotherapy. In my years and years of experience, never have seen this... so I would have to say injury when he crashed into the wall. And did your breeder have any thoughts?

  • Pat,

    If my memory serves me correct, he hit the wall with is hips I believe. As for this morning I wasn't there and my wife only heard him jump off the bed so we aren't sure. The breeder and her vet tech daughter suggested a trip to the vet for a physical exam, also suggested Chiro-adjustment, but to wait and see what the vet says during the physical exam. As of right now he's resting comfortably at home in his favorite chair. I will inquire about acupuncture & cryotherapy. Thank you for the info, I will post more after his visit this afternoon.

  • @mikero My girl had seizures but was much older at 12. Sounds like a seizure maybe, for sure the vet will know more than I do. Others in the forum have more experience than me with seizures, so hopefully they will reply when they see the thread.

  • So sorry to hear this. This type of thing is always upsetting.

    Sounds more like tremors than seizures. Usually with a seizure there would be more disorientation than you're describing and the dog would lose consciousness. (Maybe Moko did but that isn't clear). In any event, both seizures and tremors have a potentially many causes, some far more benign than others. It's around the holidays, did chocolate disappear? The first differential would be to decide which of the two it is.

  • Hello,
    I understand your concern as this has happened to my B three times.
    Each time it has been when a possum runs over our flat roof. It seems to trigger his natural hunting senses even when he is in deep sleep. It only has happened when he is deep in sleep.
    I spoke to his vet and it was explained to me that it’s a combination of being in a deep sleep and all the muscles, nerves and adrenaline not connecting at the same time creating a shock like reaction. Like fright and flight mid sleep.
    But to keep an eye on it.
    Ours had always come round after settling with reassurance and calming.
    I know this does fix the issue. But it may help a little.

    There is nothing worse. It worries me sick too.

  • This is not something I have ever come across but I agree with Tanza, likely a jar of some kind has disrupted something. I'd get him thoroughly X-rayed after knocking into things. Good luck.

  • I hope to never have such a scare as you've had. Please keep us all updated!

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  • So I wanted to give an update on Moko. So no issues found during his physical exam, he responded well to all tests given and the doctor thinks it could be petite mal seizures, blood sugar was normal. Told us to keep a diary of food, meds, and try to video if it happens again, take note of the length of the event. Gave us information about acupuncture/cold therapy. I also asked about Chiropractic adjustment and was told some patients reported good results but didn't seem to keen on it. Told me to make sure to verify if the person giving adjustments had proper training, was the person a DVM. In all honesty Moko does love to play rough and when he gets the zoomies he will launch himself into the couch, also loves to wrestle with others dogs at the park. Since his last episode he's only had walks in the neighborhood, and he's been driving me crazy. So last night I took him to the park to be off leash and he was super pumped to run and play with his dog park pack, he ran a lot. Thankfully no rough stuff and no issues since. Just a tired and happy basenji. I also was given the name of a neurologist to see if these episodes continue. When he's had these 2 episodes there was no loss of bladder control and he came to shortly after we just tried to calm him down. Thank you so much for the response's I really appreciate everyone's input.

  • I was going to ask you for an update on Moko so thank you for providing one anyway. It is always sensible to take notes and keep records as the vet has advised you to, especially when there is doubt as to cause of the malaise. Chiropractors, in my personal experience (!) always seems to ask what bit you want treated. They don't diagnose too well but will repeat any treatment which seems to work without getting to the bottom of the problem.

    On the other hand I have always advocated acupuncture, for me and for my older dogs. A good acu-vet should be able to diagnose. However my old dogs have had more skeletal than nerve problems. Donner had lesions in the high neck, Hope has a pinched nerve and others have just had general 'geriatric juice' as the Vet called it. General toning up. Results have been universally excellent.

    If these episodes continue, a neurologist might be the best path to follow but whatever sort of practitioner you visit MUST be well qualified.

    Basenjis are meant to run free ! and its good that Moko gets along with his canine friends, just don't them 'em play too rough !

  • @mikero Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again. Good luck and it looks like Moko is in good hands. I have always been curious about acupuncture as it seems it’s big at the vets around us right now. Might be worth trying as some dogs seem to really enjoy it.

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  • @Dagodingo we will try to keep you happy.

  • @dagodingo said in Legs seizing up:

    I have always been curious about acupuncture as it seems it’s big at the vets around us right now. Might be worth trying as some dogs seem to really enjoy it.

    I don't know about enjoying it - Hoover starts to scream just as I turn up the steep slope to the Vet's parking space. But once inside she stands quietly and makes no fuss. She had a series of sessions over the past four months but doesn't need any more. If you want to discuss acupuncture, post me privately and I will pass on what I have learned / experienced. All positive as far as Basenjis are concerned.

  • @zande My last two B’s didn’t even need to go to the vets to be whining, even pulling up at a strange place is enough for them to presume it’s the vets lol. But others have said they actually enjoy, relax and enjoy it.

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