• Elzaer a 21 month old male weighs 23.5 lbs. He normally is very active. The other night at about 2AM he started to act strange. He started running around like he needed to go out, but that was not the case. Through the rest of the night he continued to get up and down and in and out from under the covers. After his four mile walk in the morning he normally goes in his crate and sleeps for the next four hours. On this morning he could not stay still in the crate and started to wine and move in circles. When I let him out he proceeded to run between the bedroom and the family room trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. He also tried to get under blankets or pillows or anything that would cover his body. I also noticed some involuntary rear lag movement. It was evident that he was tired, but could not go to sleep. I gave him 25 mg of Benadryl, waited an hour and then took him to the vet. By that time the Benadryl had kicked in and he mellowed out. The vet thought that he looked good and said to just observe for the next 24 hours. We came home; he went in his crate and slept the remainder of the day. When he woke up, I noticed his face was puffy and swollen. I checked with my fingers, but it did not seem to bother him. On his evening walk, I observed more involuntary rear leg movement. I gave him another Benadryl before bed time. He was better through the night, but still got up and down many times and was very tired in the morning. Not sure if that was residual effect of the Benadryl or lack of sleep. On his reduced morning walk (2 miles) today I also noticed involuntary movement in his front legs. His face is still swollen. I am hoping this is caused by a reaction to a bug bite and will go away soon. Anyone else having this kind of experience please comment.

  • What do you mean by involuntary leg movements? My guys get very agitated if stung or bit much like you described. I would continue to give 1mg benadryl per pound every 8 hours until all swelling dissipates, unless swelling lasts longer than 72 hours in which case I would take back to vet for a check and possible steroid injection.

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  • Do you use topical flea/tick treatment? If so, what one do you use. The involuntary kicking sounds a bit like an issue another member had with her basenji after she used Advantix.

  • The involuntary leg movement are a series of rapid kicks to mid air. Only have observed them three or four times over the last 36 hours, but enough to be concerned. My vet called back to check on Elzaer and I informed him about the face swelling which was not noticeable when we visited him. He then told me that it was likely a reaction to a bite from an insect and to continue to treat with the Benadryl until the swelling subsided. Thanks for the response. Sounds like we are on the same page.

  • We do use a flea product on them, but not Advantixs and we have used the same product for years. Although every batch could be a little different, and who knows how regulated those products are. I did look at the possible side effects listed on the package, but of course not enough information is provided. Thanks for the advice.

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